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EU Wants to Make European Cities Smarter


On 14 October, the High Level Group of the European Innovation Partnership for Smart Cities and Communities (an alliance of c ities, industry and citizens ) adopted a Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP), which includes a series of actions to help upgrade European cities to Smart Cities. In early 2014, the SIP will be followed by an open call for "Smart City and Community Commitments", which should facilitate the deployment of Smart Cities solutions, generating better quality of life for European citizens, more competitive industry and SMEs, and more sustainable energy, transport and ICT systems and infrastructures.
Smart Cities are synonymous of innovative, healthier, and cleaner communities, where transport plays a strategic role to improve quality of life, reduce energy consumption and create job opportunities. The European Commission will support flagship projects in the Smart Cities area through the new Horizon2020 funds, investing also in cooperation and in the exchange of know-how to modernise European urban communities.
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