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€380 million funding announced to support aviation research and innovation projects


The Governing Board of the Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking is the EU's leading research and innovation programme for improving the sustainability of aviation. On 7 September 2023, the Governing Board approved a fund of €380 million for an additional eight aviation projects. The aim of the funding is to support the European Green Deal and accelerate aviation's transition toward climate neutrality by 2035. 

The selected projects complement those funded under Clean Aviation's First Call for Proposals in preparing all necessary elements for ground and test activities starting in 2026. They will also support emissions reductions from commercial air travel by no less than 30% compared to the best aircraft models available today. 

The projects cover research and innovation on:

  • hydrogen-powered aircraft;
  • hybrid-electric regional aircraft and;
  • short and medium range aircraft. 

Follow this link for more information to access the list of the 8 selected projects.