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European Mobility Week Thematic Guidelines explore ways to promote multimodality


The Thematic Guidelines for the 2015 edition of European Mobility Week (EMW) are now online, providing a detailed overview of this year’s theme of multimodality and the call to action “Choose. Change. Combine.” The guidelines are an essential starting point for planning a city’s EMW activities.The necessary background information to embrace this year’s theme is provided, with related mobility concepts explained. Examples and case studies of ways that cities can encourage the use of different modes of mobility, from cycling, to walking, to public transport, are included in the guidelines, as well as suggestions for how cities can plan and get the most from their Mobility Week.At its most basic, multimodality encourages people to think about the range of transport options available and to choose the right mode when travelling. Through doing so, they can save money, improve their health and help the environment.To download the Thematic Guidelines, visit the EMW Resources page.Image copyright: New bike path in Tivoli Park (photo on Flickr) by "City of Ljubljana", licensed un