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Finnish company providing Californian cities with renewable fuels


Finland-based energy company Neste, a global leader in providing renewable fuel made with waste and residues, is now providing fuel for the city of Carlsbad in California.

Neste Renewable Diesel also provides fuel for the Californian cities of San Francisco, Oakland and Walnut Creek.

Changing from petroleum diesel to renewable diesel is designed to help Carlsbad reduce its diesel fleet’s greenhouse gas emissions by around 80 per cent.

Kaisa Hietala, executive vice president of renewable products at Neste, said: “Many cities and corporations worldwide are now looking at ways to reduce emissions and carbon footprint... In the United States, California is leading the way.”

Using this alternative fuel also helps improving air quality thanks to the reduction of tailpipe emissions.

Neste’s diesel will be used by the city of Carlsbad to power heavy-duty vehicles such as fire trucks, dump trucks and vacuum trucks.

Hietala underlined: “Switching to our product doesn’t require any additional investments on infrastructure or engine modifications... Fleets can switch to renewable diesel overnight.”

Neste diesel is provided to cities under the brand name Diesel HPR by the largest retailer of low carbon fuels in California, Proper Fuels.