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First EU Transport Scoreboard Published


For the first time the European Commission has published a scoreboard on transport in the EU, comparing Member States’ performances in 22 transport-related categories. The Netherlands and Germany rank first in the scoreboard, with high scores in 11 categories, followed by Sweden, the UK and Denmark.
In addition to giving a snapshot of transport performances across Europe, the scoreboard aims to be a resource in helping Member States identify shortcomings and better define their priorities for investment and policies.
In the words of Vice-President Kallas: "The new scoreboard is a fantastic tool that shows visually where we stand in making our transport systems more efficient, more customer-friendly, safer and cleaner. It can of course only offer a snapshot, but it gives us and Member States a point of reference and a source of inspiration for our work together."The scoreboard can be consulted either by mode of transport or by different categories.
More information is available on the EC’s website.