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‘Historic’ Agreement on the New TEN-T


On 30 May 2013, the Commission, the Council, and the Parliament signed an agreement on proposals to transform the existing structure of European roads, railways, airports and canals into a unified transport network (TEN-T).
The resulting core network is agreed to be in place by 2030 and to serve as the backbone for transportation within the Single Market. The aim is to ensure that progressively, and by 2050, the great majority of Europe’s citizens and businesses will take no more than 30 minutes’ to reach the network from wherever they are located.
The new TEN-T will be financed by Member States, with some EU funding. The Connecting Europe Facility (for the period 2014–2020) for instance will also focus on this core transport network, filling in missing links, removing bottlenecks and improving the network overall.
The agreement, which Vice-President Kallas called ‘historic’, must be formally approved by the European Parliament Plenary and Council.
More information can be found on the EU website.