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IATA and EASA move forward on data sharing


The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) have reached an agreement to share safety information and joint analyses of safety trends. The deal is expected to positively reflect on safety standards, leading to a better understanding of important safety issues, as well as to further improvements to the auditing process.
EASA data consists of information obtained during spot checks on aircraft and crews under the Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA) programme when they visit EU airports. IATA information, meanwhile, is gathered when airlines undergo a biennial IATA operational safety audit (IOSA). This is a requirement for association member carriers, but also voluntarily embraced by about 150 non-IATA airlines.
By pooling this information, the organisations can complement each other‘s audit programmes and improve their ability to recognise industry-wide safety issues or trends.
More information is available on the EASA website.