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Infrastructure: €350 million to Fund Key TEN-T Projects


The European Commission has launched a €350 million call for proposals to fund European transport infrastructure (TEN-T) projects across all EU Member States and different transport modes.
Vice President Kallas stressed the importance of the call, saying that “With the 2007-2013 budgetary period coming to an end, we will make the best possible use of these TEN-T Calls for Proposals to make sure European transport infrastructure supports a seamless mobility of goods and people throughout the European Union. I am confident that these calls will elicit great interest throughout the EU, as Member States realise the importance of investing today for tomorrow’s growth and jobs”.
This year’s multi-annual calls focus on five fields, with €280 million of total indicative budget available:

  • The 30 TEN-T Priority Projects (with the exception of MoS): indicative budget €50 million.
  • Motorways of the Sea (MoS) providing viable alternatives for congested roads by shifting freight to sea routes: indicative budget €80 million.
  • European Rail Traffic Management Systems (ERTMS), enabling interoperability on the European rail network: indicative budget €70 million.
  • Air Traffic Management (ATM), implementing the Single European Sky and ATM modernisation objectives: indicative budget €30 million.
  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), promoting interoperability and continuity of real time traffic and travel information services across Europe towards a safer and more efficient road network: indicative budget €50 million.

The deadline for the submission of proposals is 11 March 2014.
For more information visit the website of the Trans-European Transport Network Executive Agency.