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ITF: 2014 Summit and Transport Outlook


The intergovernmental organisation International Transport Forum (ITF), associated with OECD, is getting ready for next year’s Summit, which will be dedicated to the theme “Transport for a Changing World”. The 2014 Summit will be held under the national presidency of France between 21 and 23 May 2014 in Leipzig, Germany. The ITF will challenge participants to rethink how transport can deliver prosperity, while ensuring environmental sustainability and coping with worldwide economic, urban and technologic transformations.
In view of the Summit, ITF has also shared its long-term outlook on transport, foreseeing that by 2050 the volume of global transport will be significantly higher, which may lead to a potential growth in global CO2 emissions, ranging from 30% to 170%. Options to avoid this scenario will strongly depend on strategies adopted by policy-makers, as well as on their willingness to set sustainability as a priority, says the report.
The ITF Transport Outlook is available online. Registration for the ITF 2014 Summit will be open in mid-January.