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Latest TRIP report pinpoints priority areas to enhance EU transport safety


The latest report from the European Commission funded Transport Research & Innovation Portal (TRIP) identifies priority areas where advances in policy and technology could strengthen the safety of EU transport systems.

The ‘Research Theme Analysis Report: Transport Safety’ draws on research and innovation projects into road, rail, aviation and maritime safety that have been submitted to the online TRIP portal. It provides transport professionals with valuable insight into the emerging tools and techniques that are being used to enhance the safety of EU transport systems.

The European Commission has a number of strategic goals and ambitions for strengthening the safety of the EU transport system – including reducing road fatalities to near-zero by 2050.

Technology advances supporting this ambition include the increased development and deployment of intelligent transport systems (ITS). The report highlights the positive impact that ITS could have on road transport safety and calls for wider deployment and harmonisation as a key priority. Recognising the role of vehicle automation in enhancing road safety, the report recommends further research into technology, testing specifications and regulations in this area.

In the aviation sector, the report demonstrates the significant advances that technological innovation is having on air transport safety. This includes the use of advanced on-board monitoring and enabled aircraft systems to predict and mitigate technical and operational issues, such as weather events. It also suggests areas where policy development could support air travel safety, including using targeted interventions and measures at the EU level to increase awareness around the effects of pilot stress and negative personal situations. 

The report highlights a number of areas in rail and maritime safety, particularly in relation to vehicles/vessels, operations and infrastructures. In these areas, new technology and innovative systems are delivering significant safety benefits.

Speaking about the report, Gareth Horton, TRIP lead analyst, said:

‘Safety is the cornerstone of every transport strategy, and is often the primary concern for travellers and companies. Enhancing transport safety is a priority for the EU, and requires continued research and innovation into every aspect of the multimodal transport system.

‘The latest report from TRIP provides a valuable overview of the current transport safety landscape. It gives transport professionals the opportunity to pinpoint research areas that will have the greatest influence in strengthening the safety and prosperity of Europe’s transport systems.’ 

The report draws on research projects submitted to TRIP, an online portal for transport professionals from across Europe to share the outcomes of their research.

In September 2017, the European Commission launched the Transport Research and Innovation Monitoring and Information System (TRIMIS), an evolution of TRIP which it replaces, and incorporates the latter’s database of over 10,000 EU and national transport research projects. TRIMIS will analyse the effectiveness of transport innovation in delivering the EU’s energy and transport strategy, by supporting the EU’s Strategic Transport Research and Innovation Agenda (STRIA).

‘Research Theme Analysis Report: Transport Safety’ is available to download for free at


To find out more about TRIMIS or to submit your research to the online TRIMIS portal, visit


Background to TRIMIS

Strategic Transport Research and Innovation Agenda Roadmaps

Mobility has a major influence on the daily lives of European citizens and directly employs more than 11 million people in the EU. Yet, the sector is undergoing a number of technological, economic and social transformations at an accelerating pace. Harnessing these changes is essential to deliver a Europe that protects, empowers and defends – a political priority for the Juncker Commission.

In May 2017, the Commission adopted a long-term strategy, ‘Europe on the Move’, to turn these challenges into opportunities and deliver smart, socially fair and competitive mobility by 2025. The EU will drive this transition through targeted legislation and supporting measures, including infrastructure investment, research and innovation. This will ensure that the best clean, connected and automated mobility solutions, transport equipment and vehicles will be developed, offered and manufactured in Europe.

The seven Strategic Transport Research and Innovation Agenda (STRIA) Roadmaps aim for a more integrated and effective transport system across Europe, and to make better use of innovation and new technology in transport.

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