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METPEX project Surveys in eight European Countries


The METPEX project ( aims to develop a standard way of evaluating passenger experience to improve quality of service for European transport providers, passenger groups and municipalities, validated through use across 8 cities(Bucharest, Coventry, Dublin, Grevena, Rome, Stockholm, Valencia, Vilnius) of varying transport complexity. 
This survey ( is a part of METPEX project; it is a trial of a set of travellers’ travel experience measurement tools that have been developed based on earlier experiment in autumn 2013 in 8 different cities in Europe. The results of this trial will be used to improve the tool design further for possible EU-wide benchmarking exercise.
The travel satisfaction measurement tools that will be tested consist of: two different types of smartphone application (with satellite navigation and game apps), on-line and off-line (semi-) structured questionnaire and focus groups. All of these measurement tools consists of the same set of questions, with different formats to explore the pros and cons of each measurement among different group of travellers. The main purpose of these tools is to measure passenger experience across whole journeys that take into account wider human socio-economic, cultural, geographic and environmental factors. Further, it will enable us to understand the variability of users’ travel patterns and experiences across different travel mode chain and different socio-demographic groups of travellers, including ageing travellers and those with special needs. The results from the tools will also be used to provide feedback to municipalities and service providers in order to address the unique problems of each transport system.