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New Publication: Integration and Policy Development


The Transport Research Knowledge Centre has published a new Thematic Research Summary on Integration and Policy Development that deals with strategic research into integration of different policy instruments to achieve improved performance of the transport system. Strategic integration can involve the coordinated planning of several modes so that each contributes more effectively. It can involve the combination of different measures under the dimension of “tools”, including infrastructure, management, regulation and pricing. It can also involve integration between transport and land-use policies. The research emphasis is on how best to achieve benefits from such integration, either by increasing the benefits or by overcoming barriers to the implementation of any measure. Hence the theme also addresses research into the wider issue of policy development. A distinction is made between strategic integration and the operational integration of different modes for freight or passenger transport. This theme covers only the strategic aspects. Operational aspects of integration, either within a transport mode or across modes, are covered under the six modal themes and under the passenger and freight themes.Thematic Research Summary on Integration and Policy Development can be downloaded in the Thematic Publications section of the TRKC website.