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Policy Brochures on Freight Logistics and Passenger Transport


The TRKC has published two new Policy Brochures. These concise studies help you to discover how transport research is contributing to policy-making and transport operations, illustrated by examples of particular achievements.

The first one deals with the road "Towards an Integrated Transport System" – with a special focus on Freight and Logistics. Major issues which are of
interest to both freight and passenger transport are examined, such as
the development of the Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T), with
the attendant European traffic management and information systems on the
networks of the various modes.

The second on discusses "User-Friendly and Secure Passenger Transport". Policy and research aim to make passenger transport more attractive to users, as well as safer and more secure. This brochure presents recent policy issues and related research in these areas, with the exception of safety. This has been done because safety is a major topic in itself and closely related to other factors such as traffic management, vehicle technology, legislation, training and enforcement.
Both brochures can be downloaded in the Policy Publications section of the TRKC website.