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PRESS4TRANSPORT Virtual Press Office launched


PRESS4TRANSPORT Virtual Press Office, an initiative supported by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Development, was launched on 1 March 2010 by a consortium of partners consisting of professional journalists, university professors and IT specialists, all with a background in sustainable transport topics.
PRESS4TRANSPORT assists EU funded projects and initiatives in communicating their surface transport research results to the media. With a user-friendly innovative platform, PRESS4TRANSPORT serves as a Virtual Press Office for project coordinators to promote their research results, relevant news or any noteworthy topic to be covered by the media.
The main idea of PRESS4TRANSPORT is to visibly disseminate the results achieved by projects, enhancing their communication capabilities with the support of a group of professional journalists who communicate through mainstream European media and operate behind the Virtual Press Office.
For further information on PRESS4TRANSPORT please visit: