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Results Pack on EV projects highlights progress towards Europe's green mobility targets


Electrification of road transport vehicles is a cornerstone of Europe's carbon neutrality efforts. This Results Pack showcases 10 EU-funded projects representing a wide range of work that has been carried out to overcome the barriers of electric vehicle (EV) adoption. The projects address common challenges such as long charging time, limited driving range, and high cost. 

The 10 EU-funded projects included are:

1. Cobalt-free Li-ion battery technology for next-generation electric vehicles

2. Innovation in lithium battery design supports growth of electric vehicle industry

3. Innovations make 1,000km EV trips feasible

4. A glimpse into the last-mile urban transport vehicles of the future

5. Driving down costs of electric vehicle batteries

6. Modelling toolchain drives high-performance lithium-ion batteries

7. Advanced algorithms improve electric vehicle efficiency

8. Active safety and low-cost manufacturing in sustainable urban mobility

9. Improving the electric vehicle user charging experience

10. Novel e-axle for third-generation electric vehicles coming to European market


Follow this link to access the Results Pack.