New Copernicus Satellite successfully launched into Space

The satellite "Sentinel-3A" has successfully been launched from the Russian spaceport Plessezk. Thus already the third satellite of the European earth observation programme Copernicus is in space. In its orbit at an altitude of approximately 800 km"Sentinel-3A" is to systematically survey land, ice and sea surfaces.


"With Copernicus we have started a new era of earth observation. The satellites record changes of the earth surface with unprecedented accuracy. With its ocean surveillance instruments "Sentinel-3A" will, for example, provide more safety in maritime shipping. The satellite makes particularly precise forecasts for the Baltic and North Seas possible."

"Sentinel-3A" can survey the swell, changes of the sea level and the pollution of the seas. Furthermore it supplies important data on the temperature of the sea surface or on the extension and thickness of sea ice. The maritime information is of special interest for the safety of maritime shipping and the protection of the polar marine environment. In addition "Sentinel-3A" monitors the extension of glacier masses and the status of the vegetation on land. And the early detection of forest fires also becomes possible with its images.

Copernicus is a joint initiative of the European Union and the European Space Agency (EASA). The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure is participating in the EASA programme with approximately 700 million euros.