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Smart Traffic App


San Francisco,CA– For people with flexible work schedules, commuting just got a lot easier.  Time2Gohome has just released a new app that radically reduces your time sitting in traffic.
Time2GoHome works by monitoring a person’s exact commute traffic and then alerting them with it’s time to go home.  It works regardless of traffic conditions.
“If you have the ability to work a little later or leave a little earlier, then Time2GoHome was invented for you.” explains Dave Ryan, Time2GoHome’s founder.  “For many of us, we just want to know when traffic has died down enough so that we can drive home without a lot of hassle.”
The app does not try to find alternative routes or send notices of traffic accidents.  Instead, it monitors your drive specific time and sends an alert when your commute traffic has subsided and you can drive home without too much delay.  If you have alternative ways home, it shows you those alternatives.
If there is a traffic accident, you’ll get the notification later, if the road opens early, you’ll get a notification early. “One of the best feelings is when you are surprised that you can leave work a half –hour earlier than you expected.” explains Ryan.
The app is in the Google Store and will soon be in the Apple store.  Alternatively you can use it as a web app from the company website.
It’s called Time2GoHome and there is a video explaining how it works at