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Survey to FP7 Transport Coordinators is running!


The European Commission has launched the Ex-post evaluation of Transport Research and Innovation in the FP7 “Cooperation Programme”, the TRI-VALUE project.
TRI-VALUE’s strategic objective is to assess the overall implementation and management, as well as the achievements and impacts of the transport research co-financed by FP7 with respect to its specific objectives, their economic, social and environmental impacts, the efficiency, effectiveness, relevance of the funding and the sustainability and utility of the different transport research programmes. The project will outline conclusions and provide recommendations for potential improvements of transport research and innovation in Europe in Horizon 2020.
As a first step towards achieving this aim, a survey to project coordinators has been established in a view to collect additional evidence on project results and impacts. All coordinators will receive an e-mail with details to accede the survey.
As Coordinator of a Project funded under FP7, your input would be very valuable to shape future research programmes. Take part on this evaluation!
If you are Coordinator of an FP7 transport project and you have not received an e-mail from TRI-VALUE, please contact Ms. Daniela Carvalho (