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Trans-European transport networks: towards a new policy for meeting future challenges


The European Commission adopted yesterday a Green Paper setting out the future challenges of its policy for a trans-European transport network (TEN-T). TEN-T policy needs to be realigned to contribute more effectively to objectives aimed at combating climate change and to support Europe’s increasing international role through better infrastructure connections with its neighbours and the wider world. Importantly TEN-T policy also needs to be adapted to strengthen its supporting role for economic and social development within the framework of the Lisbon strategy. The integration of all transport modes and intelligent transport systems can be strengthened if TEN-T policy provided a basis guaranteeing efficient and safe transport services reflecting the future demands of citizens and economic operators. In the light of these challenges and lessons drawn from previous TEN-T policy implementation, the Commission sets out future objectives and proposes three options for TEN-T development, while stressing the need for coherence between planning ambitions and instruments for their implementation. Read More