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TRIP publishes recommendations for EU urban mobility


The European Commission funded Transport Research & Innovation Portal (TRIP) has published the first Europe-wide review of urban mobility research - offering technical and policy recommendations to support automotive and infrastructure development. Download the report at

Over the coming decade, Europe will face a range of mobility challenges related to increasing urbanisation, an ageing but active citizenry and ambitious targets for reducing emissions. This presents new obstacles for achieving Europe’s goals for reducing congestion and pollution while increasing transport capacity, accessibility and safety.

Compiled from TRIP’s database of over 7,700 projects, the new report highlights the essential policy, infrastructure and technological developments required to fill gaps in capacity and meet the EU’s transport needs. It emphasises the need for collaboration between policy makers and researchers to foster better decision making – something TRIP is well placed to support as Europe’s single portal for transport research and innovation.

Issues raised in the report include the advances in automotive technology and systems, such as floating transport data and driverless vehicles, and the policy and infrastructure that is needed to provide a framework for this innovation. The review also considers the challenges in smart public transport implementation, including the need for further work on cross border ticketing and data protection considerations.

Gareth Horton, Transport Analysis Lead, said: “Smart transport solutions are essential for Europe to meet its growing demand for urban mobility, while delivering the European Commission’s ambitious targets to reduce road incidents and congestion. The new report is one of the first detailed reviews of urban transport research projects across Europe and provides a rare snapshot into the progress and challenges transport professionals are facing. We hope that fostering greater knowledge sharing through programmes like TRIP will bridge the gap between technical innovation and policy, enabling stakeholders from across the EU to build a shared vision for smart urban mobility”.

TRIP is a free, European Commission funded online portal for EU transport professionals to share and discuss innovation in mobility, with over 60,000 users and rising from almost every country in Europe. Reach academics, local authority transport departments, central transport policy makers and automotive manufacturers across Europe by submitting your transport project at

Full press release is available here