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TSC launches IMExchange - Join the conversation!


The Transport Systems Catapult (TSC) has launched an online “Intelligent Mobility” knowledge sharing community ( in a bid to bring transport professionals together to create integrated and smart solutions to today’s transport issues.
The TSC is highlighting that the emergence of the Intelligent Mobility Industry and the technology it represents will inevitably disrupt and challenge traditional transport services, forcing transport professionals to rethink their long term development strategies. IMExchange will help transport leaders and academics discuss and engage with Intelligent Mobility so they can profit from the opportunities it presents. 
According to research commissioned by the Transport Systems Catapult in 2014, the Intelligent Mobility market is estimated to grow from its current annual value of around £140bn to just over £900bn a year by 2025. Encompassing everything from autonomous vehicles to seamless journey systems and multi-modal modelling software, Intelligent Mobility uses emerging technologies to enable the smarter, greener and more efficient movement of people and goods around the world.
Discussing the implications, TSC Chief Technology Officer Dr Paul Zanelli said:
“With the emergence of new technologies like driverless vehicles and the establishment of smart phone technology as a central part of our lives, transport professionals will increasingly be forced into a paradigm shift in thinking. It is no longer sufficient to think merely in terms of individual modes such as rail transport or road networks. Experts need to look outside of their fields to see how new technology will affect their services and what opportunities it presents. IMExchange can help to achieve this through discussion and knowledge sharing.”
Dr Zanelli was also keen to point out the opportunities which are emerging.
“The rise of Intelligent Mobility presents challenges for transport leaders, but the opportunities are also great. With the value of the Intelligent Mobility industry increasing exponentially, businesses who take the lead in developing smart, connected solutions are set to profit in the future whilst others are left behind. IMExhchange will provide professionals with an access point to the knowledge they need to get this right. It is the mission of IMExchange to help professionals to find the right answer from the right expert – and in return help the expert to build their industry reputation online.”
About IMExchange
IMExchange ( is a free knowledge exchange platform, hosted by the TSC in order to bring industry professionals closer together, to create an online repository of knowledge and to reward top experts. The system can be accessed via mobile phone at work or in transit. Users can search top IM content to questions they have, post a free question that is routed to the best experts and answer any open question to gain reputation points and rewards offered by TSC, like industry certificates, educational courses and job opportunities.