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Updated guidance on how to contribute to TRIMIS


National organisations and experts have the opportunity to disseminate and promote transport research and innovation information, material and data through the TRIMIS website, providing a trusted reference point freely accessible to stakeholders. New project information can be easily uploaded to the website by setting up an account on TRIMIS.

Changes to existing projects, programmes and country profiles can be made directly on the TRIMIS website or, alternatively, the information can be submitted to the TRIMIS consortium at, including through using our project upload spreadsheet.

To help facilitate this, the projects, programmes and country profile guidance documents, and the project upload spreadsheet, have been updated to reflect recent changes to the TRIMIS website. These can be found online on the ‘How to contribute’ TRIMIS web page and below.

Guidance to updating and uploading Projects

Project upload spreadsheet

Guidance to updating and uploading Programmes

Guidance to updating Country Profiles