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Updated Thematic Research Summary on Safety and Security published on TRKC


The paper is a major update of the Thematic Research Summary (TRS) on Safety and Security. It aims to provide a synthesis of research results and policy implications from completed projects. The first part of the paper includes a brief analysis of the scope of the theme, and a policy review where the main policy developments at EU level are summarised.The Safety and Security theme deals with aspects such as the level of danger that is socially acceptable in a real-life situation, as well as systems, rules and procedures aimed at preventing, discouraging and detecting negligent, irresponsible or malicious human acts which threaten safety. The paper also considers systems and procedures to prevent, detect or mitigate mechanical or technological failures or natural phenomena which could threaten safety and security, as well as systems and procedures to protect people (transport users, transport personnel and third parties) as well as goods, infrastructure and vehicles from harm. The updated TRS on Safety and Security is now available for download from the Thematic publications section of the TRKC website.