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ASFA Research Programme (internal research plan)



ASFA Research Programme (internal research plan)
Programme de recherche ASFA (Association des Sociétés Françaises d'Autoroutes)

Background & policy context: 

In 1989 ASFA (the association of French toll motorway companies) launched the "Traffic" programme to follow-up traffic matters. In 1993 this group was enlarged and a "Groupe de travail économie" was created. It focused not only on traffic but also on all fields of transport economics: cost-benefit analysis, evaluation of externalities, toll management, etc

Strategic Objectives: 

Since 1993, programmes are set up once a year made up of about 10 'actions' gathered in four main research themes:

  • Analysis of current and future customers
  • Motorway pricing
  • Socio-economic effects of transport infrastructure
  • Competition and complementarity between modes.
Leading Institutions:

ASFA - Association of French Motorway Companies (Mixed public-private organisation - Société d'économie mixte)

Type of funding:
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 

About EUR 300 000 in 1994, EUR 150.000 in 2001.

Participating countries: 
Total number of projects: 

ca 80 up to 2001

Projects covered: 

Examples are:
- Long term evolution of traffic on motorways
- Impact of the TGV Nord (high speed rail line) on motorway traffic
- Eurotoll (part-funding of a European FP4 project into road tolling)
- Road pricing for HGVs
- Distribution of motorway customers (characteristics, etc).
- Analysis of road pricing in Austria
- Externalities: comparison of external costs in France.

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