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Asset management for the road sector



Asset management for the road sector

Background & policy context: 

'Road network assets' (Vegkapital in Norwegian) is a notion often found in official documents, e.g. in the state budget and the national transport plan. Nevertheless, a good estimate of the value of the road network and what would happen if the funding was to be changed, is still not available.

Strategic Objectives: 

The main objectives of the Asset management programme are to determine the maintenance lag and reacquisition value of the Norwegian road network, and attempt to suggest the socio-economic consequences of changes in funding, management and maintenance. To succeed in this, it is necessary to use existing data material from several special databases, such as the road data bank (Vegdatabanken) and bridge administration system Brutus.

Programme organisation: 


Leading Institutions:

The Directorate of Public Roads

Type of funding:
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 


Participating countries: 
Total number of projects: 


Projects covered: 

The main objectives divides the programme into three projects about the Norwegian road network, dealing with (1) maintenance lag; (2) reacquisition value; and (3) socio-economic consequences, as mentioned above. The first two projects (1 and 2) are divided into four sub-projects, to utilise experts in the respective fields:

  • Roads - This sub-project deals with road substructure and wearing course, as well as draining and other elements built into the road.
  • Bridges - This sub-project deals with issues related to bridges and other major constructions, including the building of foundations using chainage and so on.
  • Tunnels - This sub-project deals with issues related to tunnels, including water and frost protection, security installations and management.
  • The area alongside the road - This sub-project deals with issues related to the area alongside the road. This includes studying signposts, lightning, green spots, crash barriers and fences.

The sub-projects do not publish separate reports, however, the projects they are sub-ordinated produce a final report.

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Mr Morten Wright Hansen
Norwegian Public Roads Administration
Postboks 8142 Dep
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+47 815 22 000 (switchboard)
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