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Baltic Sea Research and Development Programme



Baltic Sea Research and Development Programme

Background & policy context: 

BONUS' vision is an economically and ecologically prosperous Baltic Sea region where resources and goods are used sustainably and where the long-term management of the region is based on sound knowledge derived from multi-disciplinary research. BONUS brings together the research communities of marine, maritime, economical and societal research to address the major challenges faced by the Baltic Sea region. This requires sound knowledge that is scientifically first-rate and relevant for society. The EU framework provides a mechanism for combining national research funding and for using this in the work aiming to meet the challenges of today.

Strategic Objectives: 

The strategic objectives of BONUS are:

  • Understanding the Baltic Sea ecosystem structure and functioning.
  • Supporting research related to the Baltic Sea system.
  • Meeting the multifaceted challenges in linking the Baltic Sea with its coast and catchment.
  • Enhancing sustainable use of coastal and marine goods and services of the Baltic Sea.
  • Improving the capabilities of society to respond to the current and future challenges directed to the Baltic Sea region.
  • Developing improved and innovative observation and data management systems, tools and methodologies for marine information needs in the Baltic Sea region enhancing sustainable use of coastal and marine goods and services of the Baltic Sea.

The scientific approach towards the above strategic objectives is interdisciplinary with a balanced representation of natural and socioeconomic disciplines.

Programme organisation: 

The BONUS Secretariat was established as an European Economic Interest Grouping EEIG in 2007 to act as the legal management organisation of BONUS. The BONUS Secretariat serves as the dedicated legal structure for the implementation of the BONUS programme. It currently consists of five members of staff in charge of the running of the BONUS programme under the guidance of the BONUS Steering Committee and BONUS Members. The Secretariat also draws valuable support from the members of the BONUS Advisory Board, the Forum of the Project Coordinators and the annual BONUS Forum.

Leading Institutions:

BONUS Baltic Organisation Network for Funding Science EEIG

Type of funding:
Total Budget: 
EUR 100 million
Participating countries: 
Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Sweden
Contact Name: 
Dr Andris Andrusaitis
BONUS Baltic Organisation Network for Funding Science EEIG
Hakaniemenranta 6
Contact country:
+358 40 040 4011
Fax Number: 
+358 9 4780 0044