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Bringing Technology to the People


Bringing Technology to the People
Technik zum Menschen bringen

Background & policy context: 

Parking aids in our cars, a plethora of new features on our smartphones, wristbands with sensors that monitor our fitness: intelligent technologies are increasingly part of everyday life. Technology assists people of all ages, particularly the elderly, helping them to retain their independence and mobility. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research is therefore committed to optimising the interaction between humans and technology. Research and development on the themes of 'intelligent mobility', 'digital society' and 'healthy living' are at the heart of the programme.

Strategic Objectives: 

The priorities of this research programmes follow nine objectives and guidelines:

  1. HMI simplifies complex technology
  2. HMI engages all five senses
  3. HMI focuses on the human aspect
  4. HMI benefits every generation
  5. HMI boosts the German economy
  6. HMI spells empowerment
  7. HMI creates confidence in technology
  8. HMI stands for responsible development
  9. HMI is interdisciplinary



Programme organisation: 

The research programme focuses on fields that have been identified as future challenges for the society by the Federal Government and that are prioritised in its new High-Tech Strategy. It features three fields of innovations in human-machine interation:

  1. Intelligent mobility
  2. Digital society
  3. Healthy living

An English brochure on the funding programme "Bringing Technology to the People" can be found here:


Leading Institutions:

Ministry for Science and Education (BMBF)

Type of funding:
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 

The programme is organized in calls. Open and past calls, which are available for academic as well as for industry partners, are available through the programme website:

Total Budget: 
350 million euros
Number of projects:
Projects covered: 

The list of current projects is available here:

At October 10, 2016, the following projects were online under the theme "Intelligent Mobility":

  • RadAR+
  • MobiSaar
  • FANS
  • IntraSafe
  • AuRoRoll
  • InCarIn
  • MoSe
  • ESZüG
  • PASSAge
  • URAiS
  • ViBe
  • S-Mobil100
  • PASS
  • namo
  • WikiNavi
  • SenioMobil
  • Mobia
  • InDAgo

More technical aspects of human-machine interaction. such as driver assistance systems, by the headed under the two remaining topics of the programme.

Project Profiles:
  1. Cooperative interaction between driver and vehicle
  2. Cooperative laser lights
  3. Fundamentals of interaction and emotion sensitive assistance systems
  4. Independent mobility of visually impaired people in urban space through audio-tactile navigation
  5. Personalized driving style modeling in an automated vehicle
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