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Construction and Services 2001-2005



Construction and Services 2001-2005
Rakentaminen ja palvelut 2001-2005

Background & policy context: 

The programme vision consists of an internationally top-level Finnish infrastructure industry.

This new Programme represented the will to renew the key technologies and to develop the knowledge of the infrastructure sector. In addition Finland wanted to develop international and competitive products and services in the field of operation and maintenance. The programme supported the opening of the markets in the fields of infrastructure, construction and maintenance.

Strategic Objectives: 

The programme concentrated on the development of project management, construction and maintenance of infrastructure networks, as well as on the development of associated services, technologies, methods, products and equipment. It was focussed on infrastructure networks, i.e. roads, streets, railroads, airfield constructions, water and energy supply networks, telecom and electricity networks, waterworks, landfills, and green areas such as parks and golf courses.

Some of the results were to be achieved by the end of the programme and towards the end of the decade, and these are the following:

  • innovative procurement practices for new markets, creating new business opportunities and international competitiveness
  • new areas of knowledge have been developed, scope of business has expanded, and new partnerships have been created extensively
  • information technology is being fully implemented into all the processes
  • setting up of sustainable development guidelines, working methods, products and materials.

Competitive goals at international level and spearhead abilities were achieved throughout the programme, within its key technologies, including material, production, use and maintenance and product and equipment technologies.

Programme organisation: 

The programme, coordinated by Tekes, comprised a steering board consisting of the main funding parties and experts of different companies.

More than 150 companies together with several Finnish and foreign universities and research centres were participating to the programme.

Leading Institutions:

Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation

Type of funding:
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 

The budget of the programme was about 32 million euros, about half of which will be/was covered by participating companies.

Participating countries: 
Total number of projects: 

Total of 112 projects of which 35 were research projects.

Projects covered: 

The Programme supported businesses and development decision-making towards an opening of the infrastructure, construction and maintenance market. Many of the key technologies in these sectors were renewed and the know-how was enhanced in order to improve competitiveness and profits. The Programme aimed also to create new products and services competitive at an international level.

The relevant projects produced dozens of results, such as new procurement models and services for infrastructure, construction, or machines for automation of construction and processes, new measuring and monitoring techniques, innovative products, services and equipments and several environmentally sound techniques.

DigiSewerTM, DynaRoadTM, BlastView, TerraFrostTM, ALLU Stabilisation System and Robot Grader machine control system are examples of new products and technologies developed within the programme.

Contact Name: 
Senior Technology AdviserOsmo Rasimus
Contact Email: 
P.O. Box 69
Contact country:
+358 (0)10 605 5918