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Cooperative Sensor Systems and Cooperative Perception Systems for Preventive Road Safety



Cooperative Sensor Systems and Cooperative Perception Systems for Preventive Road Safety
Kooperative Sensorik und kooperative Perzeption für die Präventive Sicherheit im Straßenverkehr

Background & policy context: 

Each year several thousands of people are killed in accidents on German roads. Many measures have achieved a high level of safety in all vehicle classes to date. However, the number of fatalities remains high. Therefore, the research initiative Ko-FAS is exploring technologies in order to detect critical situations early, so that preventive measures can be taken to avoid accident situations, or at least to reduce the consequences of accidents.

Strategic Objectives: 

The aim of the Ko-FAS research initiative is to make a significant contribution to the improvement of road safety, i.e. to reduce the number of accidents and to minimise their consequences.

In order to do so, the Ko-FAS research initiative has developed new technologies, components and systems that use cooperative sensor systems and perception systems to provide road users with a comprehensive view of the traffic around them.

Programme organisation: 

The joint projects Ko-TAG and Ko-PER comprise research in innovative procedures in cooperative sensor technology for a precise assessment of traffic environments. The two joint projects complement each other and are able to generate important synergies due to the exchange of information and results.

To maximise the potential of these two projects, and in order to establish the best possible basis for their large-scale and rapid implementation, the Ko-KOMP project is developing methods, components and tools, and conducting research in the added value for the national economy that can be attained by cooperative accident prevention and mitigation systems.

Leading Institutions:

Continental Safety Engineering International GmbH

Type of funding:
Total Budget: 
EUR 14.7 million
Participating countries: 
Projects covered: 

The Ko-FAS Research Initiative consists of three cooperative projects:

  • Ko-TAG – Cooperative Transponders
  • Ko-PER – Cooperative Perception
  • Ko-KOMP – Cooperative Components
Contact Name: 
Stephan Zecha
Contact Email: 
Continental Safety Engineering International GmbH
Carl-Zeiss-Str. 9
Contact country:
+49 6023 942-124