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Department for Trade and Industry: Foresight Vehicle programme


DTI Foresight Vehicle

Department for Trade and Industry: Foresight Vehicle programme

Background & policy context: 

The Foresight Vehicle Initiative, now administered by The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Limited (SMMT), is the UK's prime knowledge transfer network for the automotive industry, and is the UK's response to the worldwide crisis in transport.


The Foresight Vehicle Programme, launched in 1995, is a UK government iniative to identify, develop and demonstrate appropriate product and process technologies for road transport for the future.


Foresight Vehicle is a collaboration between industry, academia and Government to identify and demonstrate technologies for sustainable road transport.

Strategic Objectives: 

The Foresight Vehicle Steering Group was set up by the Transport Panel and the DTI to define the detailed objectives of a programme designed to develop, demonstrate and exploit technology '... to stimulate the UK automotive supplier base to develop products and systems which satisfy increasingly stringent environmental requirements while meeting mass expectations for safety, performance, cost and desirability'.
It consists of representatives of vehicle builders and their suppliers, independent research consultancies and university departments, government departments and user representatives such as motoring organisations.
Future products and technologies must meet social, economic and environmental goals, satisfying market requirements for mobility, safety, performance, cost and desirability, with the objectives of improving the quality of life and wealth creation in the UK.

Programme organisation: 

Research projects are brought forward through 5 Thematic Groups, whose representatives are all expert in their chosen field.


The five Thematic Groups are:

  • EPT: Engine Powertrain
  • HAEFV: Hybrid, Electric, Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles
  • ASSET: Software, Sensors, Electronics and Telematics
  • FASMAT: Advanced Structures and Materials
  • DMAP: Design and Manufacturing Process

The programme includes Research Networks that are focused on a specific transport issue, technology or sector. They bring together a network of orgranisations with the right expertise and the right sectoral profile. This profile may cover geographical location, industry sector and company size as well as technology. The network members collectively identify the research opportunities, and present proposals to meet the objectives of the Foresight Vehicle Programme.

Leading Institutions:

Type of funding:
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 

(Department for Transport involvement in Foresight Vehicle helps balance the policy-driven aspects of the vehicle engineering research programme with opportunities to invest in innovative bluesky type research leading to advanced technologies for the 21st century. In pursing this balanced approach, DfT expects to contribute about £4 million over a five-year period).

Participating countries: 
United Kingdom
Total number of projects: 


Projects covered: 

Examples of some projects include:

  • ACTIVE: Advanced Camera Technology In Visual Ergonomics
  • ADAM: Automatic Generation of Design Improvements by Applying Knowledge Based Engineering to the Post-Processing of FE Analysis
  • AUTOTAXI: Safety Critical Sensor Integration for Autonomous Vehicles
  • BOSCOS: Bone Scanning for Occupant Safety
  • CHARGE: Controlled Homogeneous Auto-Ignition Reformed Gas Engine
  • DREAM: Design for Reliability for Electronics in Automotive Manufacture
  • EASIVT: Electrically Assisted Infinitely Variable Transmission
  • FLEXELEC: Large Area Low Cost Flexible Circuits
  • HERO: Hybrid-Electric Realised Off Road
  • ISOLAB42: Installation and Safety Optimised Lead Acid Battery for 42 Volt Applications
  • LIVEMAN: Advanced Joining Processes for Lightweight Vehicle Manufacture
  • PITSTOP: Powertrain Integrated Thermal Systems for Thermodynamically Optimised Performance
  • RADICAL: Rapid Laminated Die Casting Tooling for the Automotive Industry
  • SHORSEN: Short Range Sensors for Automotive Applications
  • WHEELS: Wiring Harnesses: Electromagnetic Effects of Lightweight Structures
  • ZEFREDO: Zero Failure Rate Electronics Design Opportunities
Project Profiles:
  1. Intelligent Vehicle Motion Control
Contact Name: 
Foresight Vehicle Secretariat
c/o SMMT
2410 Regents Court - Birmingham Business Park
Contact country:
+44(0)121 7176632