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Development of Methods of Design and Operation of Transport Networks from the point of view of their Optimisation



Development of Methods of Design and Operation of Transport Networks from the point of view of their Optimisation
Rozvoj metod návrhu a provozu dopravních sítí z hlediska jejich optimalizace

Background & policy context: 

Basic transport research has not developed a comprehensive approach to a variety of factors, which, in practice, influence the behaviour of transportation systems. With regard to basic research, the knowledge base of both general and common models in the field of transportation, telecommunications and energy has not seen great advances.

This Programme of the Department of Mechanics and Materials, of the Faculty of Transport Sciences, within the Czech Technical University in Prague is a systemic solution for the design, construction, and operation of transportation networks, including passenger and freight transportation, and road and city transport with regard to its operational, economic and demographic optimisation with the aim of creating mutually unified, centrally controlled, transportation systems.

The whole task will be investigated within the framework of the interconnected dependency of the traffic infrastructure on the individual modes and facilities, as well as, the service environment (open landscape, settlements of different sizes).

The influence of man as a constructor, operator and user plays an essential role in the transportation process and the complex development of the transportation network.

Strategic Objectives: 

The objective of the research plan is comprehensive solution of the relevant issues in the transportation arena. The ongoing research determined by the presented research programme can be divided into three main areas: (a) Transportation network development, (b) Transportation infrastructure economics and (c) Transportation safety and the human factor.

(a) “Transportation networks in interaction with the environment” is an examination of the special and constructed arrangements of roads to improve the quality of transportation in urban areas. Methodologies of transport routing with respect to the optimal traffic service, ecology, and increased traffic safety are developed.

(b) “Optimisation of network structures of transport and logistic services for managing regional transport processes” includes research to optimise systems integration between means of transport, logistics, and multi-modal transportation, and also the development of national infrastructure interdependency based on European concepts.

(c) “Safety of transport routes and vehicles with complex analysis of traffic accidents and their prevention” looks at the influence of the human factor in traffic incidents, the study of injury biomechanics, the resultant protection elements and related safety regulations. Research also covers increasing development of active and passive safety systems, in addition to solutions for the mobility impaired.

An additional topic: “Creation of an expert meta-knowledge system to support decision-making in transport” involves optimisation of service transport networks through the development of models and methods for planning, financing, and assessment with regard to sustainable economic and social progress.

Programme organisation: 
  • E1: Transportation networks in interaction with the environment;
  • E2: Models for financing of transportation infrastructure, regulation of network branches;
  • E3: Optimisation of the system connections among transport modes, logistics, and multimodality;
  • E4: The development of national transport infrastructure as determined by the EU long-term transportation concept;
  • E5: Managing regional transportation processes;
  • E6: Safety of transport route and vehicles;
  • E7: Influence of the human factor in transportation, injury biomechanics, and systemic solutions for the mobility impaired.
Leading Institutions:

Czech Technical University Prague, Faculty of Transportation Sciences

Type of funding:
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports supported this research programme with 84 321 000 CZK (approx. € 3 million).

Total Budget: 
11-12 million CZK
Participating countries: 
Czech Republic
Total number of projects: 

Not yet determined

Projects covered: 

Field (a): Transportation Networks Development

  • Transportation network capacity
  • Computing support of decision making in transportation systems
  • Information system for public service organisations in City Public Transport (CPT) – Potential reduction of noise caused by city railway transport
  • Introduction of integrated transportation systems

Field (b): Transportation Infrastructure Economics

  • Transportation system optimisation
  • Optimal traffic-lane distribution
  • Transportation infrastructure funding
  • Algorithmising the analytical instruments of economic risk of projects in transportation

Field (c): Transportation Safety and Human Factors

  • Method of road accident complex analysis 
  • Building regulation influence on road traffic calming
  • Optimising cycle path proposals
  • Transportation psychology analysis
  • Improving passive safety of vehicles
  • Biomechanics of deformation processes in human skeleton under extreme strain
Project Profiles:
  1. Algorithmizing the Analytical Instruments of Economic Risk of Projects in Transportation (MSM6840770043)
  2. Biomechanics of Deformation Processes in Human Skeleton under Extreme Strain (MSM6840770043)
  3. Building Regulation Influence on Road Traffic Calming (MSM6840770043)
  4. Computing Support of Decision Making in Transportation Systems (MSM6840770043)
  5. Improving Passive Safety of Vehicles (MSM6840770043)
  6. Information System for Public Service Organisations in City Public Transport (CPT) (MSM6840770043)
  7. Introduction of Integrated Transportation Systems (MSM6840770043)
  8. Method of Road-accident Complex Analysis (MSM6840770043)
  9. Optimal Traffic-lane distribution (MSM6840770043)
  10. Optimisation of planning of cycling infrastructure (MSM6840770043)
  11. Potential Reduction of Noise caused by City Railway Transport (MSM6840770043)
  12. Transportation Infrastructure Funding (MSM6840770043)
  13. Transportation Network Capacity (MSM6840770043)
  14. Transportation Psychology Analysis (MSM6840770043)
  15. Transportation System Optimisation (MSM6840770043)
Contact Name: 
Professor Josef Jíra
Contact Email: 
Czech Technical University Prague, Faculty of Transportation Sciences
Konviktská 20
110 00
Praha 1
Contact country:
(+420) 224 358 414
Fax Number: 
(+420) 224 359 522