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Economic Re-Launching by Research and Innovation



Economic Re-Launching by Research and Innovation
Relansare Economica prin Cercetare si Inovare

Background & policy context: 

RELANSIN has been conceived to re-launch and increase competitiveness of the economic operators, the groups or categories thereof, as well as of the economic sectors, by implementing integrated research & development and innovation projects. These projects aim at significantly modernising and improving the levels of performance and quality of the products, the technologies or the services accomplished and/or applied by the respective operators or sectors.

Strategic Objectives: 

- Increase competitiveness of the economic operators;
- Adjust the activities of the economic operators to the market requirements and their penetration of new segments of the market;
- Stimulate regional and local economic development;
- Improve effectiveness of resource use by the economic operators;
- Develop partnership among the economic operators, as well as among these and research & development structures;
- Building the capacity of the economic operators to absorb and assimilate the R&D activity results, including by stimulating the innovation and the technological transfer.

Programme organisation: 

The RELANSIN Programme includes 16 sub-programmes:
- Economic re-launching by research and innovation for small and medium enterprises: RELANSIN - SMEs
- Economic re-launching by integrating technologies, products and services: RELANSIN - INTEGRATION 
- Economic re-launching by technologisation and/or modernisation: RELANSIN - MODERNISATION
- Development of the public utility services: RELANSIN - PUBLIC SERVICES
- Life quality improvement: RELANSIN - LIFE QUALITY
- Support actions for programme supporting: RELANSIN - SUPPORT ACTIONS
- Centres of excellence
- RELANSIN - Micro-engineering
- RELANSIN - Information technologies
- RELANSIN - Biotechnologies
- RELANSIN - Medical technologies
- RELANSIN - Company research
- RELANSIN - Technological innovation
- Financial instruments

Leading Institutions:

Managerial Agency for Scientific Research, Innovation and Technological Transfer within the Polytechnic University of Bucharest

Type of funding:
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 

Also funds from the economic operators, beneficiaries of the R&D activity, as project co-financers and other drawn sources.


The funding conditions are related to the types of projects, activities, actions and also duration of the projects.
There are categories and types of eligible costs.
Sub-contracting is permitted, with a maximum threshold specified.
The projects will not be totally financed by the programme budget, there will be financing rates per type of activity.
The short- term projects, with immediate applicability, will have priority in financing.
There are eligibility conditions regarding participants and projects as well.

Participating countries: 
Number of projects:
Projects covered: 

The projects will cover integrally the range of activities necessary to achieve products/technologies/services and monitor that the performance and quality related requirements are met during their entire life.
As regards transports, this national programme covers the following areas:
- transport infrastructure;
- transport means;
- systems and equipment for traffic control;
- management of the logistics and distribution of goods.

Project Profiles:
  1. Electronic system for container circulation management in multimodal transport for the European integration on the transport corridors across Romania
Contact Name: 
Prof Dr. Daniel Bunea
Contact Email: 
Managerial Agency for Scientific Research, Innovation and Technological Transfer (AMCSIT), Polytechnic University of Bucharest
313 Splaiul Independentei, sector 6
Contact country:
+40 21 410.04.00
Fax Number: 
+40 21410.05.48