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Electric Mobility Model Regions


Electric Mobility Model Regions
Modellregion Elektromobilität

Background & policy context: 

Since 2008 the Austrian 'climate and energy fund' initiates and supports the development of model regions in e-mobility. The purchase of charging stations and e-vehicles, the provision of renewable energy as well as the development of new business and mobility models belong to the main focus of this programme. The model regions are intended to be the source and function as a multiplier for the development of e-mobility in Austria.

Meanwhile there are eight model regions for electric mobility in Austria. These regions have very different orientations regarding their target groups, business models and geographical conditions. Therefore the experience gained in the model regions is very extensive and essential for further dissemination of e-mobility.

Strategic Objectives: 

In the present announcement no new model regions are being looked for. The aim is to link existing model regions and to strengthen their development. This will be achieved by focusing on the following sectors:

  • Linking and connecting the e-mobility in existing model regions.
  • Consolidation of existing and emerging model regions.

Both points should focus partially on electronic vehicles and e-mobility in fleet and logistic concepts in public transport as well as freight transport.

Leading Institutions:

Österreichische Energieagentur

Type of funding:
Total Budget: 
EUR 150 million
Participating countries: 
Contact Name: 
Christoph Wolfsegger
Österreichische Energieagentur
Mariahilfer Strasse 136
Contact country:
(+43 1) 585 03 90-28