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Flanders Make competence cluster ‘Motion Products’


Motion Products

Flanders Make competence cluster ‘Motion Products’

Background & policy context: 

To address European ambitions in terms of reducing energy consumption, introducing renewable energy sources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and safety concerns, Flanders supports the sustainable transitions in technology trends that the automotive manufacturing industry have to address to remain globally competitive. These include Industry 4.0, Internet-of-Things and Machines-as-a-Service.

Strategic Objectives: 

The strategic and applied research of Flanders Make is oriented to new value chains creating innovative products, services and processes of Flemish companies active in smart energy, cost efficient products and zero defect processes.

An important part of the research programme focuses on electric and hybrid drive systems and autonomous driving technologies, through offering testing and validation infrastructure, shared with university labs, to develop vehicles and machines of the future together with and for Flemish companies that are active in niches segments like public transport and logistics etc.  

Areas of research include a.o. Connected and Autonomous Driving, Energy and cost-efficient electric powertrains, zero defect, accurate and modular production processes.

Programme organisation: 

The competence cluster Motion Products has a technology roadmap as its backbone. This roadmap – which is made together with the leading technology companies in Flanders – describes the dominating trends and technologies in this field of application. All projects are checked against the roadmap and financed under the program if OK. The research priorities validated by Flanders Make Board are funded following the cooperation agreement of the project signed with Flanders Make to share knowledge and test infrastructure of the involved core labs associated with Flanders Make. There are different R&D project types: Strategic Basic Research (SBO) and ICON, a cooperation model with industry, managed by VLAIO (innovation agency) and shared innovation labs.

Leading Institutions:

Flanders Make

Type of funding:
Participating countries: 
Belgium (Region of Flanders)
Projects covered: 

10 projects have been covered so far:

EMTECHNO_SBO , Emerging technologies in multiport systems for energy-efficient drivetrains (October 2015- October 2019)

MDAVD_INFRA,  Multi-drivetrain automated vehicle demonstrator (October 2016 – December 2019)

OFF-HIGHWAY infra, Open off-highway equipment (January 2017 – June 2019)

AUTODRIVE_EU,  Automated driving enabled by systems on chip (May 2017 – April 2020)

FATAM_ICON,  Fatigue of additive manufactured components  (May 2017 – April 2020)

ITHACA_INFRA, Infrastructure for thermal advanced characterization of drivetrain components (September 2017 – February 2019)

Smart Highway (February 2018 – December 2019)

Mobot_INFRA,  Modular validation lab for mobile robot manipulation (April 2018 – September 2019)

Torque-Ripple_Reduction_ICON, Electromagnetic torque ripple reduction for drivetrains (March 2019 – February 2021)

Smart Farming 4.0 (April 2019 – March 2022)