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Human resources and Mobility in the specific programme for research, technological development and demonstration "Structuring the European Research Area" under the Sixth Framework Programme 2002-2006

Programme Type
Funding programme
European (European)
European Union
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Background & Policy context

With a view to the successful creation of the European Research Area, the Human Resources and Mobility activity involves a coherent set of actions, largely based on the financing of structured mobility schemes for researchers. These are essentially geared to the development and transfer of research competencies, the consolidation and widening of researchers' career prospects, and the promotion of excellence in European research. All actions under this activity are named "Marie Curie" actions.

Strategic Objectives

The activity will be open to all fields of scientific and technological research that contribute to the Community's RTD objectives. Equally so, all actions are open to organisations active in research or research training. It should be noted that this includes industrial research participants, amongst others SMEs.

Within this activity, particular attention will be paid to:

  • The participation of women within all actions, and to appropriate measures to promote a more equitable balance between men and women in research, the target being at least 40 % selection of women.
  • The personal circumstances relating to mobility, particularly with respect to the family, career development and languages.
  • The development of research activity in the less-favoured regions of the EU, the new member states and the associated candidate countries.
  • The need for increased and more effective co-operation between research disciplines and between academia and industry, including SMEs.

With a view to further reinforcing the human potential for European research, this activity will also aim to attract the best and most promising researchers from third countries, promote the training of European researchers abroad and stimulate the return of European scientists established outside Europe.


Institution Type
Type of funding
Public (EU)
Total Budget
€ 1732 million

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