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The Icelandic Traffic Safety Research Board



The Icelandic Traffic Safety Research Board
Rannsóknarráð Umferðaröryggismálarannum

Background & policy context: 

The Public Road Administration (PRA) in Iceland gives priority to one research and development topic every 5 years.

Between 2001-2005 the priority is given to projects involving accidents and traffic safety. In order to co-ordinate and share utilisation of researches in this field more effectively, projects were all incorporated into a single collaborative programme under the leadership of RANNUM, The Icelandic Traffic Safety Research Board, which was established in December 2000.

The programme contains about 15-20 different projects each year and involves 10-15 different research bodies each year.

Strategic Objectives: 

The primary purpose of RANNUM is to promote research that can be applied to prevent road accidents and to gather new national and international knowledge in the road safety sector.

Programme organisation: 

RANNUM is an expert council with external members drawn from various parts of the road and traffic safety sector.

Dissemination of knowledge from the programme is through a number of seminars or conferences held throughout the programme. There is a report on each of the projects, that are published on the programme's homepage.

Leading Institutions:

Public Road Administration

Type of funding:
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 

The total funding is about ISK 23 million (approx. EUR 265 000).

Participating countries: 
Contact Name: 
Thorir Ingason
Contact Email: 
Rannsóknarráð umferðaröryggismála
Borgartúni 7
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+354 522 1000
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+354 522 1109