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Intelligent Transport 2007-2010



Intelligent Transport 2007-2010
Älykäs Liikenne 2007-2010

Background & policy context: 

The continuous growth of traffic and problems caused by it, for example the everyday mobility of people or in the attempts to restrain the global climate change, force us to find new sustainable solutions to satisfy the mobility and transport needs. The urbanisation process combined with the dispersion of the urban structure makes traffic jams increasingly worse even in Finland.

The key for the intelligent mobility and for the future transport system that is efficient and sustainable is moving the focus of development and implementation from individual routes to the whole transport system and further to solutions where information and communication technologies are exploited.

Strategic Objectives: 

The ÄLLI research programme continues the long-term work previously done in the field of transport telematics in the R&D programmes TETRA, FITS and AINO. The ÄLLI programme aims to steer and support the tight network co-operation of the civil service departments, municipalities and actors in the field of transport telematics. Another aim of the programme is to promote the development of the ubiquitous information society in transport services.

The projects in ÄLLI aim to generate close connections to international R&D activities carried out in the field of intelligent transport. The objective is to produce solutions for the European Union and thus promote the competitiveness of Finnish enterprises in the international market. The development resources are allocated, in co-operation with the official financiers of innovation activities, to thematic areas and development environments that are considered essential in the objectives of the research programme.

Programme organisation: 

The ÄLLI research programme consists of two main themes: 

  1. Official services and basic structures, and 
  2. Services for urban areas.

The operation and action between the themes is encouraged to be as smooth and seamless as possible.

The research programme also aims to promote development environments that support the growth of the intelligent transport business and are open to actors in Finland. These can provide for example equipment and applications, components of software and data interfaces. Development environments can provide visibility and testing or demonstration possibilities for the services.

Leading Institutions:

Tiehallinto (Finnra: Finnish Road Administration)

Type of funding:
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 

Approximate budget is €1 million per year. Many projects are jointly funded.

Total Budget: 
EUR 4 million
Participating countries: 
Total number of projects: 

About 20 per year.

Projects covered: 

Examples are:

  • JENKA – Public transport priority for every city
  • Broadband in Public Transportation Vehicles – Technology Study
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Routes as a Public Database.
Contact Name: 
Mr. Juuso Kummala
Finnish Road Administration, Turku Region
P.O.Box 636
Contact country:
(+358) 40 7709905
Fax Number: 
(+358) 204 22 4998