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KMUFA - Transport Sub-programme (KOZ)



KMUFA - Transport Sub-programme (KOZ)
Közlekedés alprogram (KOZ)

Background & policy context: 

The aim of the Central Technological Development Programme established by the Government Order No. VII. 10. 98/1996 is to promote:

  1. the technological development and innovation connected to the international scientific technological development that is efficient on national economic level and that has a significant effect on the development of the Hungarian society and economy, Euro-Atlantic integration, technological modernisation;
  2. the realisation of technological innovation of public utility
  3. the realisation of innovation aims, which improve competitiveness, which are harmonised with the interest of the entrepreneurs but which would exceed their financial risk taking possibilities;
  4. the dissemination of exploitable research and development results, the fastening of their practical use and spreading.
Strategic Objectives: 

Subject matters of the Transport sub-programme:

  • Increasing transport safety
  • Introducing intelligent transport systems
  • Development of transport infrastructure
  • Logistic systems
  • Moderation of environmental problems caused by transport.
Programme organisation: 

The purpose of Central Technological Development Programme is to support the implementation of comprehensive research, development and innovation projects leading to scientific and technological breakthroughs in the fields specified below, the achievements of which contribute to the improved competitiveness of Hungary, to the improvement of the quality of life, to the establishment of quality jobs and to the foundation of a knowledge-based economy and society.

Thematic calls:

  • Material science, production technology, instruments sub-programme (AGE)
  • Biotechnology sub-programme (BIO)
  • Electronics, measuring techniques, control engineering sub-programme (EMI)
  • Energetic sub-programme (ENE)
  • Info-communication technologies and applications sub-programme (IKTA)
  • Technological development in the field of environmental protection sub-programme (KMF)
  • Transport sub-programme (KOZ)
Leading Institutions:

Ministry of Education, Deputy State Secretary of Research and Development

Type of funding:
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 

Any consortium made up of legal entities and organisations with legal status registered in Hungary is eligible for participation in Programmes of the applications.

Any research institution or business venture registered in the Member States of the European Union, or in states with associated status in the 5th Framework Programme of the EU (Bulgaria, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Norway and Romania) may also become members of such consortia, provided that the foreign participant covers all the costs of its own participation. No foreign participant may receive state grant from Hungary, nor are they entitled to be project co-ordinators.

Participating countries: 
Number of projects:
Projects covered: 

Informational and communicational development of technology for improvement of traffic circumstances, Intelligent transport tickets, Environmentally friendly dismantling of vehicles, E-ticket: electronic ticket-selling system, Public transport systems, Zero emission urban public transport, etc.

Project Profiles:
  1. Forecast of the extent of the energy demand of transport
  2. Managing and financing of urban and regional transport in Europe from the viewpoint of the Hungarian solutions
Contact Name: 
Ms Ildikó HELVEI
Contact Email: 
Ministry of Education, Deputy State Secretary of Research and Development
Szervita tér 8.
Contact country:
(+361) 484-2515
Fax Number: 
(+361) 317-8717