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Long-term Research and Development Programme for Road Safety

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National (Finland)
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Background & Policy context

LINTU is a long-term research and development programme for road safety financed by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Finnish Road Administration and Finnish Vehicle Administration.
The programme is based on a road safety vision adopted by the Government:
'The road transport system must be designed so that nobody should die or be seriously injured on the roads.'

Pivotal areas of the LINTU programme include:

  • paving the way for road safety work
  • curbing traffic growth
  • influencing road users
  • vehicles
  • infrastructure
  • walking and cycling, public transport
Strategic Objectives

The LINTU programme was launched to pave the way for long-term road safety work. In accordance with the national road safety plan, the work will be more effective if the following aspects are considered: increasing the appreciation of road safety, curbing traffic growth and influencing road users.

The LINTU programme promotes road safety work by:

  • providing new processed data
  • clarifying the safety vision and making it more concrete
  • raising the profile of the traffic safety work
  • strengthening cooperation and information exchange between road safety organisations and
  • attracting new researchers to the field.
Programme organisation

The management group of the LINTU programme consists of representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Finnish Road Administration, the Finnish Vehicle Administration and Liikenneturva (expert organisation in traffic safety). The programme co-ordinator works in close co-operation with the funding organisations and is responsible for planning, overall management, agreements, distribution of information, keep-up of co-operation between different parties, contacts to other research programmes and follow-up of utilisation of research results. The co-ordinator is also assisting the work of the management group.


Institution Type
Institution Name
Ministry of Transport and Communications research programme
Type of funding
Public (national/regional/local)
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions

About EUR 300 000 - EUR 400 000 is allocated to the funding of projects in the LINTU programme on a yearly basis. Open calls for tenders are arranged in the autumns.

Participating countries


Ms Annu Korhonen, Programme Co-ordinator
Linea Consultants
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