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National Plan for Research, Development and Innovation 2008-2010

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Background & Policy context

The National Plan is the scheduling instrument for the technological R&D and Innovation of the General Administration of the Spanish Government. It is a Plan for Scientific Research and Technological Development in the Law of Science (Law 13/1986), named “Plan Nacional de Investigación Científica, Desarrollo e Innovación Tecnológica” since 2000. It is a mechanism to establish objectives and priorities of the research policy and innovation in the medium term, as well as to design the instruments to guarantee its execution.

Several diagnoses were made on the Spanish System of Science and Technology (SECYT) while the former National Plan was operative. Results have led to the new National Plan (2008-2010) incorporating important changes in its structure and management. Furthermore, a participative process has been implemented to elaborate its design. In this process, all the key factors have been incorporated, as well as responsibility at political level and those in charge of the management of the R&D and Innovation activities which make up the SECYT.

It is not based on thematic areas, but it is a plan model made from the definition of instruments, where these are the response of the different Public Administrations to the strategic objects and operatives fixed in the National Strategy for Science and Technology (ENCYT).

Note that the National Plan covers a wide range of research topics in addition to transport.

Strategic Objectives

The main aims of this National Plan R&D&I 2008-2011 are identified taking into account the basic principles and objectives which are collected in the ENCYT, and they have established the design of its instruments and national programmes.

For each strategic objective of the ENCYT, a set of specific objectives in the National Plan R&D&I 2008-2011 has been identified:

  • to make Spain a leader in knowledge;
  • to promote a highly competitive company fabric;
  • to develop a comprehensive policy of Science, Technology and Innovation and the implication of regional fields in the Science and Technology system;
  • to advance in the international dimension as a base for a qualitative leap of the system;
  • to achieve a favourable environment for R&D&I investment;
  • to promote a scientific and technological culture of society.
Programme organisation

The new National Plan presents performances addressed to the institutions and organisations, which can be accompanied with an increase of responsibility and evaluation, it can contribute to the increase of competence for resources on the basis of excellence.

With this approach, the National Plan R&D&I 2008-2011 is structured in four areas, directly related with the main general aims of the Plan, and linked to instrumental programmes which follows specific objectives:

  1. Area for knowledge generation and scientific and technological capacities
  2. Area of promotion of the co-operation in R&D
  3. Area of development and technological innovation. Ten key sectors (the two in bold type are transport-related):
    • Food, Agriculture and Fishing
    • Environment and Eco-innovation
    • Energy
    • Security and Defence
    • Construction, Land Planning and Cultural Patrimony
    • Tourism
    • Aerospace
    • Infrastructures and Transport
    • Industrial sectors
    • Pharmaceutical sector
  4. Area of strategic actions:
    • Health
    • Biotechnology
    • Energy and Climate Change
    • Telecommunications and Information Society
    • Nano-science and nanotechnology, new materials and new industrial processes

To perform the objectives of the National Plan, and in function of the four identified areas, a set of instruments is developed, grouped in six Instrumental Performance Lines:

  1. Human Resources
  2. R&D and Innovation projects
  3. Institutional strengthening
  4. Infrastructures
  5. Use of knowledge
  6. Articulation and internationalisation of the system

The lines are developed in thirteen National Programmes (sub-programme of the National Plan for R&D&I):

  1. Formation of Human Resources
  2. Mobility of Human Resources
  3. Contracting and incorporation of Human Resources
  4. Fundamental Research Projects
  5. Applied Research Projects
  6. Experimental Development Projects
  7. Innovation Projects
  8. Institutional strengthening
  9. Scientific-technological infrastructures
  10. Technological transference, valuation and promotion o


Institution Type
Institution Name
Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN)
Type of funding
Public (national/regional/local)
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions

+ EU funding (European Regional Development Fund: ERDF/FEDER).

Percentage annual funding (2008-2011):

  • General Administration (Spanish government): 16%
  • Autonomous Communities: 16%
  • R&D / PIB: 1.6% in 2008, 1.8% in 2009, 2% in 2010, 2.2% in 2011
  • Self-funding by participant companies: 53% in 2008, 54% in 2009, 55% in 2010 and 2011.
Participating countries

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Ministry of Science and Innovation + FECYT
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