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Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) - Reliable and Sustainable Mobility

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National (Netherlands)
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Smart mobility and services (SMO)


Background & Policy context

TNO's goal is to develop new knowledge on mobility & logistics, together with partners in the business sectors, the governments and the academia

TNO combines expertise in vehicle engineering, broad experience of ICT applications and knowledge of driver behaviour and the traffic system, all within a social context where quality of life and pressure for space are key issues. Some 400 TNO professionals are at hand to provide the right kind of advice and deliver clever products that integrate elements of policy, behaviour and technology.

There is a real opportunity to improve the current transport system by using additional capacity and the clever use of ICT in both vehicles and infrastructure to optimise the networks. Comprehensive traffic management enables traffic streams to be steered and new mobile services bring information and convenience to the user. The focused and accelerated introduction of new technologies for fuels, power trains and emissions makes traffic cleaner. TNO has extensive knowledge of the entire chain of vehicle emissions, traffic systems, emission distribution and impact on health.

Strategic Objectives

The objectives of TNO's Demand Driven programme are defined within the following areas:

Reliable Mobility

  • Smart travelling,
  • Robust mobility system, and
  • Cooperative ITS systems

Sustainable & safe Mobility

  • Sustainable transport & traffic systems,
  • Safe driver support,
  • Sustainable & competitive logistics,
  • Cooperation in supply networks,
  • Strategy of supply streams, and
  • E-Freight solutions
Programme organisation

Prosperity and urbanisation make increasing demands of mobility: it has to be safer, faster and cleaner. But mobility concerns both technology and human behaviour. So TNO is working with government and industry on technological innovation as well as the influence of human behaviour.

Better infrastructure, lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions must go hand in hand with reliable traffic information systems and a restructuring of our mobility patterns.

Mobility is deeply embedded in our society, giving us the opportunity to meet each other, at work, among friends or family, and to relax. It is also the bearer of our trade nation: we transport raw materials and semi-manufactured goods to producers and end products to consumers.

Mobility is a condition for prosperity and welfare, but our mobility system is also harmful to the economy, people and the environment. Think about the daily traffic jams, increasing energy use, emission of CO2 and particulate matter, problems related to traffic safety and noise pollution. Therefore, TNO is looking for ways to make traffic more reliable, safer, cleaner and quieter.


Institution Type
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Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions

The programme is funded by TNO. TNO is an independent private organisation that receives funding on a project-basis from government and private parties.

Participating countries
The Netherlands

Projects covered

No projects covered for this programme.


Mr Jan Burgmeijer MSc.
2628 XE
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