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The Netherlands Research School for Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics (network)



The Netherlands Research School for Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics (network)
Nederlandse Onderzoeksschool voor transport, infrastructuur en logistiek

Background & policy context: 

TRAIL Research School was established in 1994 to target world-wide developments in transport, infrastructure, and logistics, to combine high-level education and research, and to transfer and apply knowledge in practice.

Strategic Objectives: 

The mission statement of TRAIL is:

  • First, to educate high-level scientific researchers and research-leaders with a broad background and of high standing who will contribute scientific innovations to the solution of scientific, business and societal problems in the field of transport, infrastructure and logistics.
  • Second, to build up and transfer new, ground-breaking interdisciplinary knowledge and insights at the highest international level in the fields of transport, logistics and associated infrastructure, by adopting an integrated and solution oriented approach aimed at supporting an economically viable, sustainable and accessible society.
Programme organisation: 

With respect to Research and Development, TRAIL's clients include general scientific foundations (NWO), the European Union, Dutch ministries (V&W - Transportation, VROM - Spatial Planning and Environment, EZ - Economic Affairs, OC&W - Education and Science), provincial and local governments and various companies (Airport Amsterdam Schiphol, ECT, Holland Railconsult, KPN, Nedtrain Consulting, NS-Infra, NS-Reizigers, Railion, Railned) and organisation (Connekt, Platform Stedelijke Distributie, RIL).
TRAIL has research agreements with AVV, SWOV and TNO and links with other international knowledge centres in the same fields of research (like ITPS, Japan and CIIPMS, Korea).

Leading Institutions:

Type of funding:
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 

TRAIL is funded by the participating universities. Moreover, specific projects and programmes within TRAIL are subsidised by other parties (such as Connekt, NWO).

Participating countries: 
The Netherlands
Total number of projects: 


Projects covered: 

The main R&D research programmes are:

  • Freight Transport Automation and Multimodality (FTAM)
  • Seamless Multimodal Mobility (SMM)
  • Behavioural Aspects of Transport Automation (BATA)
  • Chain Management and Control (CMC)
  • Comprehensive Transport Safety (CTS)
  • Dynamic Traffic Control (DTC)
  • Logistic Process Control (LPC)
  • Planning and Maintenance of Infrastructure (PMI)
  • Transport Policy Analysis (TPA)

Furthermore, TRAIL participates in collaborations with:

  • EU-projects (Advisors, Haste, Edict)
  • Joint R&D programmes (with SWOV, AVV and TNO (10 projects))
  • Connekt R&D projects (FAMAS MV2 - containerterminals, Traffic information, Urban distribution networks, Underground logistics systems, five NWO-Connekt programmes)
  • Regiolab Delft (DTM)
Contact Email: 
TRAIL Research School
PO Box 5017
2600 GA
Contact country:
+31 (0)15 278 60 46
Fax Number: 
+31 (0)15 278 43 33