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Operational Transport Programme



Operational Transport Programme

Background & policy context: 

The Operational Transport Programme 2007-2013 largely acts within the objective 'Convergence' of the EU's Cohesion Fund. It also implements important priorities and objectives of the National Transportation Policy in the period of time 2005-2013 of the Czech Republic.

Special attention is paid to secure sufficient capacity on European road and rail transport corridors, and to connect the main national economic centres to the European transport network. Primarily, focus is put on the construction and upgrading of the TEN-T network and related networks, upgrading of lower class roads, improving the quality of transport, introducing modern ways of management and setting up advanced transport technologies.

Strategic Objectives: 

OP Transport includes seven priority axes, five of which will be supported from the CF, and two from the ERDF. These Priority axes are:

  • Upgrading the TEN-T Railway Network;
  • Construction and Upgrading of the Motorway and Road TEN-T Network;
  • Upgrading Railway Networks outside of the TEN-T Network;
  • Upgrading of Class I Roads outside of TEN-T;
  • Upgrading and Development of the Prague Underground and Systems for the Management of Road Transport in the City of Prague;
  • Support of Multimodal Freight Transport and Development of Inland Waterway Transport;
  • OP Transport Technical Assistance.
Programme organisation: 

The EU Funds department of the Ministry of Transport is to perform the function of the Managing Authority. Therefore, the overall responsibility for programme implementation is entrusted the Ministry.

The Intermediate Body for implementation of selected priority axes or its parts will be the State Fund of Transport Infrastructure (SFTI) with some competencies delegated to it by the Ministry of Transport.

The Payment and Certification Authority is appointed by the Czech Government. The National Fund department of the Ministry of Finance is charged to perform the role of the Payment and Certification Authority for Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund. It also holds the role of the Audit Authority.

Type of funding:
Total Budget: 
EUR 5.82 Mio
Participating countries: 
Czech Republic
Contact Name: 
Ing. Mgr. Marek Pastucha
Contact Email: 
Sekretariát odboru fondu EU
Nábreží L. Svobody 12
110 15
Contact country:
+420 225 131 552
Fax Number: 
+420 225 131 560