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Research Programme Urban Transport 2017/2018


FoPS 2017/2018

Research Programme Urban Transport 2017/2018
Forschungsprogramm Stadtverkehr 2017/2018

Background & policy context: 

The Research Programme Urban Transport (FoPS) is a funding programme of the Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructures (BMVI) for improving transportation conditions in communities.

Strategic Objectives: 

Objectives of FoPS are to elaborate and assemble application oriented, scientific and practical knowledge for decision makers in urban and regional transport.

Core of the programme is the application-driven investigation of specific questions, which shall ensure transferability to regions all over Germany. Basic research is accepted insofar it serves the application-based research. Planning tasks are considered research elements if they are designed as transferrable examples.

Programme organisation: 

Third parties can present interesting project proposals to BMVI via state transportation ministries and communal key associations. Together with the federal states and a scientific advisory commission the short list of project funded under the Research Programme Urban Transport (FoPS) is compiled. The FoPS programme is renewed every other year.

Leading Institutions:

Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructures BMVI

Type of funding:
Number of projects:
Projects covered: 

Projects covered under FoPS 2017/2018 and other periods are available vial the Mobilität21 programme website:



Project Profiles:
  1. Concretisation of the public transport-ITS system architecture in Germany in the field of action quality management in public transport
  2. Determination of the size of composite and driving effects in urban development projects
  3. Documentation of previous research results on automated and autonomous driving in public transport and the derivation of research and development paths
  4. Expert opinion on the preparation of the 8th report of the Federal Government on the development of cost recovery in public transport
  5. General methodology for the formation of sections in the maintenance of municipal roads
  6. German Mobility Panel (MOP) - Scientific monitoring and evaluation of the survey waves 2017 - 2019
  7. German Mobility Panel (MOP) - Survey of everyday mobility as well as car driving performance and fuel consumption for the cohort 2017
  8. German Mobility Panel (MOP) - Survey of everyday mobility as well as car driving performance and fuel consumption for the cohort 2018
  9. Increased forecast quality for real-time travel planning and monitoring
  10. Innovative vehicle components for railway tracks for controlling and monitoring operational functions analysis of application potential and control requirements
  11. Interface data converter for the trans-regional networking of data hubs
  12. Mobility in rural areas - from the concept of land access to the final implementation
  13. Modelling of traffic demand for craftsmen's traffic in urban regions
  14. Multimodality in cities and regions - supply and demand
  15. Potential analysis and evaluation of factors for the fast and efficient implementation of electromobility in public transport
  16. Potentials for the digitalization of accident records in accidents involving trams
  17. Research on the prerequisites and possible applications of autonomous and electrically powered minibuses (shuttles) in public transport
Contact Name: 
Hubert Neukirchen
Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur (BMVI), Referat G11
Robert-Schumann-Platz 1
Contact country:
+49 (0) 228 993 002 422
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+49 (0) 228 993 002 499