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RESTART 2016-2020 Programmes for Technological Development and Innovation

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National (Cyprus)
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Background & Policy context

Founded in 1996, the Research Promotion Foundation (RPF) was established at the initiative of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus, to promote the development of scientific and technological research in Cyprus due to the fundamental importance of research in contemporary societies. During the first years of its operation RPF developed competitive and transparent procedures for the support of quality research projects. Through these initiatives RPF became established as the main funding institution promoting scientific and technological research in Cyprus. During the aforementioned period RPF organised annual programmes for financing research in Cyprus.

Strategic Objectives

The Framework Programme RESTART 2016-2020 comprises a multi-annual development framework of programmes for the support of Research, Technological Development and Innovation in Cyprus, which is co-funded by national and European resources and is implemented in conjunction with other national initiatives and programmes.

The vision of the Framework Programme RESTART 2016-2020 is to promote the field of Research, Technological Development and Innovation (RTDI) as a basic factor for Cyprus’ economic development, contributing to dealing with the basic economic and social challenges and the development of conditions of sustainable growth, in accordance to the “Europe 2020” strategy for smart, sustainable, inclusive growth.

The design of the Framework Programme RESTART 2016-2020 focuses on individual goals, as well as the Priority Sectors identified through the Smart Specialisation Strategy for Cyprus (S3Cy) .

It the same time, it is part of the Operational Programme “Competitiveness and Sustainable Development 2014-2020”, which is the developmental strategy of Cyprus that utilizes the resources of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the framework of the Priority Axis 1: “Strengthening the Competitiveness of Cyprus Economy”.

Programme organisation

The main objectives of the Framework Programme RESTART 2016-2020, which reflect on the three (3) basic Strategic Pillars, are the following:

  1. The smart development, with focus on selected priority fields, through strengthening the effectiveness of the RTDI System in Cyprus, its connection with the productive base of the Economy, the support of its extroversion, the fortification of its ties and interactivity between its components.
  2. The ensured sustainability and potential of the Research, Technological Development and Innovation (RTDI) system and the reinforcing of its prospects, emphasising on excellence and on the support of its pool of human resources, and especially the new generation human resources.
  3. The support of the operational framework of the RTDI system, and the production of added value resulting from research and innovation activities, through the development of support instruments and pilot measures, the encouraging for dissemination and exploitation of research results, and the development and promotion of appropriate culture.

The three pillars of the Framework Programme RESTART 2016-2020 are classified in Modules, each comprising of programmes of specified targets, which are described in detail in the present Work Programme.

The total budget for the Framework Programme RESTART 2016-2020 amounts to €100 million.


Institution Type
Institution Name
Research Promotion Foundation
Type of funding
Public (national/regional/local)
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions

Funding depended on the budget for each Call.

Participating countries
Organisations based in Cyprus and abroad, depending on each Call’s restrictions.

Projects covered

No projects covered for this programme.


Eleana Gabriel
Research Promotion Foundation
P.O. Box 23422
Nicosia 1683
Organisation Website

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