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Road Vehicle Energy Systems



Road Vehicle Energy Systems
Energisystem i vägfordon

Background & policy context: 

In the long term, Sweden's energy supply must be based on an ecologically sustainable production of electricity. The supply of electricity from renewable energy sources must be increased.

Road Vehicle Energy Systems acts as a uniting force for the Swedish Energy Agency research projects in the field of road vehicles and is composed of four sub-areas:

  • traditional internal combustion engines,
  • electric and hybrid vehicles,
  • fuel cells
  • issues relating to these fields.
Strategic Objectives: 

The aim of this programme is to work over a ten-year period, together with other national and international players, to arrive at technology which makes two things possible, among others: on the one hand, to reduce the average fuel consumption of cars by 50% and, on the other, for the production of vehicles which run on alternative biobased fuels to be comparable in terms of costs with vehicles running on petrol or diesel.

Programme organisation: 

The Swedish Energy Agency supports research and development of new knowledge associated with the supply, conversion, distribution and use of energy. Grants are also given for pilot and demonstration installations for testing new technology.

The Agency finances five competence centres and about 40 research and development programmes in various scientific disciplines. This work is carried out in close conjunction with the institutes of technology and with industry, as it is an objective that the results of research should be put to practical and commercial use.

The Agency provides support for both fundamental and applied research in areas such as fuel production from forestry and agriculture, as well as the production, distribution and use of electricity and heat.

Leading Institutions:

Swedish Energy Agency

Type of funding:
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 

The first period of this programme took place between 2000 and 2002 and had a total budget of SEK 105 million.

Participating countries: 
Total number of projects: 


Projects covered: 

Funds have been granted to the following groups and projects as part of this programme:

  • fuel cells in vehicles
  • hybrid vehicles
  • pinking in petrol engines
  • variable-compression internal combustion engines
  • NOx cleaning for heavy diesel vehicles
Contact Name: 
Peter Kasche
Contact Email: 
Swedish Energy Agency
Box 310
SE-631 04
Contact country:
+46 16 544 2000
Fax Number: 
+46 16 544 2099