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Safe mobility Research


Safe mobility Research
Steunpunt Verkeersveiligheid

Background & policy context: 

In 2001, the need for long-term policy-oriented research to support the activities of the Flemish Government became apparent. As a result, 12 Flemish Research Groups consisting of one or more universities or research organisations performing long-term research were established. The aim of these Research Groups is to provide scientific and research support to the Flemish government in the areas that it considers as priority in terms of policy making.

As one of the most important issues for the Flemish Government is road and traffic safety and the corresponding increase in mobility, the Safe Mobility Research Group was set up, the first of its kind in Flanders.

Strategic Objectives: 

The aim of Safe Mobility Research is to provide the Flemish Government with policy oriented research in the field of road and traffic safety, enabling the Flemish Government to make long term structural improvements to road and traffic safety.

Programme organisation: 

After an initial phase of brainstorming with both national and international experts, a multi-level approach to research was adopted to pinpoint ways in which the Flemish Government can improve road and traffic safety in the long-term.

The Safe Mobility Research Group Focuses on 6 main areas :

- Current State of Affairs
- Road and Traffic Safety
- Infrastructure and Spatial Structure
- Vehicle Technology
- Behaviour
- Policy Maintenance.

These areas are not only researched individually (through a series of projects examining specific issues), but also by taking several areas at once and examining their combined effect on policy.

Leading Institutions:

Flemish Government - Department Administration, Science & Innovation.

Type of funding:
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions: 

EUR 4 334million for 5 years

Participating countries: 
Projects covered: 
  • Current State of Affairs: Status Questionnaire Road and Traffic Safety, Survey of best-practice in other countries.
  • Road and Traffic Safety: Data-collection, Detection and Analysis of Accident prone areas, Analysis of the Impact of Mobility of Road and Traffic Safety, Feasibility Study - Obtaining Accurate Accident Figures, Correlation between Road and Traffic Safety and Quality of Life.
  • Infrastructure and Spatial Structure: Comparison of Cost Effective Infrastructure Measures Abroad, Effects of Infrastructure Measures, Road Network Design
  • Vehicle Technology: Database of Road and Traffic Safe Vehicle Technology, Feasibility Study into Promising Vehicle Technology in Flanders, Policy-support
  • Behaviour: Analysis of Current Behaviour by Road Users
  • Policy Maintenance: Policy Management of Road and Traffic Safety Measures, Optimisation of Enforcement Policies.
Steunpunt Verkeersveiligheid bij Stijgende Mobiliteit
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