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Scientific Information and Documentation on Ecology Research (information system)

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Information systems
National (France)
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Background & Policy context

The Research and Innovation Directorate (DRI) of the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transports and Housing is responsible for the ISIDORE Database. The aim of the DRI is to provide the insight necessary for the long term orientation of research and innovation on scientific and technical issues concerning transport and urban planning, these include construction, housing, civil engineering, the environment (biodiversity, risks and health, earth observation).

Strategic Objectives

The objective of ISIDORE is to provide access to the research reports of the Ministry, publications by the DRI, research reports financed within the research programmes for instance, PREDIT, RGC&U). Available publications focus on transport, urban planning, civil engineering and other topics. The following transport themes are covered:

  • Transport planning
  • Traffic, road safety
  • Freight
  • Green transport and all other aspects of land transport.
Programme organisation

Database search and access capabilities:

  • Free text (keyword)
  • Subject
  • Name of report author
  • Name of organisation responsible for the report
  • Geographical search (study relevant to a particular town, city or region)
  • Title of report
  • Client organisation (PREDIT programme, etc)
  • Year(s) of publication.

Results of searches give a list of publications/projects. For each one, an abstract appears (in French) giving a brief overview of the study, and the final report (or other documents where appropriate) are freely downloadable in pdf format.The database is open-access and free to use.


Institution Type
Institution Name
Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Housing and Transport, General Commission for Sustainable Development, Research and Innovation Directorate/Ministère de l’Écologie, du Développement durable, des Transports et du Logement, Commissariat général au développement durable,  Direction de la Recherche et l'Innovation
Type of funding
Public (national/regional/local)
Participating countries

Projects covered

No projects covered for this programme.


Centre de ressources documentaires développement durable (CRDD)Ministère de l’Écologie, du Développement durable, des Transports et duLogement
La Défense cedex

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