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Second Scienific Support Plan for a Sustainable Development Policy (SPSD2)

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National (Belgium)
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Background & Policy context

The Second Scientific Support Plan for a Sustainable Development Policy - SPSD2 is a continuation of SPSD1.

Strategic Objectives

SPSD2 retains the objectives of SPSD1, being:

  • to develop and consolidate a Belgian scientific expertise
  • to offer the country's authorities the necessary scientific support for vertical (between various levels of competence) and horizontal (between different policy fields) policy integration towards a sustainable development.
  • to give the country's authorities the necessary support for drawing up and carrying out (inter)national, federal, regional and local sustainable development policies.
  • to develop/promote interdisciplinary research, both, between and inside the natural and social sciences.
  • to encourage dialogue and exchange of information among scientists, decision-makers and the other actors concerned, at all levels of the country and within a European and international context
  • to integrate into the research the basic sustainable development principles in order to anticipate the needs in terms of integrated policies.
  • to stimulate the participation of researchers in international research and assessment programmes.
Programme organisation

SPSD2 is organised into 4 main Strands :

Strand I - Sustainable Production and Consumption Patterns has 4 themes:

  • General Issues linked to production and consumption patterns
  • Energy
  • Agri-food

Strand II: Global Change, Ecosystems and Biodiversity has also 4 themes:

  • Atmosphere and Climate
  • Terrestrial Ecosystems of the temperate regions
  • Marine ecosystems
  • Freshwater ecosystems
  • Aquatic, terrestrial and Antarctic Biodiversity


Strand III: Supporting Actions for previous strands

  • the consolidation of information systems and databases
  • the development of research on the role of science for sustainable development
  • interfaces between science, policy and society - strengthening thematic platforms.

Strand IV: Mixed Actions

These aim to favour integration of social, economical and environmental dimensions by creating links between the different components of Action I and Action II.


Institution Type
Institution Name
Belgian Federal Science Policy Office
Type of funding
Public (national/regional/local)
Programme funding arrangements and funding conditions

Total Research Budget: EUR 57.88m

2-5 research teams per network - EUR 60 000 per team.

Participating countries

Projects covered


Ms Hilde Van Dongen
Programmatorische federale Overheidsdienst (POD)

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