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Specific Programme "Cooperation": Joint Technology Initiatives



Specific Programme "Cooperation": Joint Technology Initiatives

Background & policy context: 

The EU's Seventh Research Framework Programme identifies Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs) as a means to support trans-national cooperation in key areas where research and technological development can contribute to European competitiveness and quality of life. The Seventh Research Framework Programme foresees in particular that "in a very limited number of cases, the scope of an RTD objective and the scale of the resources involved could justify setting up long term public-private partnerships in the form of Joint Technology Initiatives". The legal framework for the JTIs are Joint Undertakings set up under Article 187 TFEU (ex Article 171 TEC) as a new way of realising public-private partnerships at European level in the field of industrial research. JTIs arose primarily from the work of European Technology Platforms. In a small number of cases, European Technology Platforms had achieved such an ambitious scale and scope that they required the mobilisation of high public and private investments as well as substantial research resources to implement important elements of their Strategic Research Agendas. JTIs were proposed as an effective means of meeting the needs of this small number of European Technology Platforms.


Research is becoming increasingly global, and increasingly competitive. To become world class and stay in the lead requires a concerted effort from Europe's research community, including both public and private players. In some areas, traditional instruments of the Framework Programme, which typically involve individual projects with a small number of partners, and national / regional programmes are not sufficient to meet the needs of European industry. Increasing the scale and impact of research investment, improving the level of coordination and integration and raising the technological content of industrial activity are essential if Europe is to be a strong, technologically innovative economy. The rapid pace of technological change, the rising costs of research, the increasing complexity and interdependence of technologies, and the potential economies of scale to be gained by cooperation across Europe are all strong reasons for setting up long-term public-private partnerships. JTIs are a new way of doing this, by combining private sector investment with European public funding, including funds from the EU's Research Framework Programme and, in some cases, also national funding. The Commission expects this new model of public-private partnership to stimulate additional European research investment, build critical mass by uniting currently fragmented efforts, and ensure effective and efficient programme management.

Strategic Objectives: 

JTIs support co-operative research across Europe in fields of key importance for industrial research, where there are clearly identified common technological and economic objectives. The idea is to boost European investment by providing a clear framework for research investment, which encourages both industry and Member States to increase their spending. They contribute considerably to raising European, national and regional as well as private R&D investment in the technological fields concerned and to improving the impact of this investment through concentrating efforts and resources and avoiding fragmentation. Europe stands to gain massively from a focused approach to research which complements and integrates national research efforts, and leads to economies of scale and efficiency gains. Streamlining management overheads and reducing red tape would lead to shorter times to contract and project. This is attractive for companies that face ever-shrinking times to market and windows of opportunity.

Programme organisation: 

Joint Technology Initiatives shall mainly result from the work of European Technology Platforms (ETPs) and cover a small number of selected aspects of research in their field.

In line with the 'Cooperation' Specific Programme five JTIs were set up:

  • Fuel Cells and Hydrogen (FCH)
  • Aeronautics and Air Transport (Clean Sky)
  • Innovative Medicines (IMI)
  • Nanoelectronics Technology 2020 (ENIAC)
  • Embedded Computing Systems (ARTEMIS)
Leading Institutions:

European Commission

Type of funding:
Number of projects:
Projects covered: 


DESTA - Demonstration of 1st European SOFC Truck APU

CHIC - Clean Hydrogen in European Cities

FCGEN - Fuel Cell Based Power Generation

NEXTWING - Numerical and EXperimental shock conTrol on laminar Wing

CODE-TILT - Contribution to design optimization of tiltrotor components for drag reduction

FATIGUETEST - Fatigue Test

MAEM-RO - Methodologies and applications of emission measurements on rotorcraft

SYS-ARCHITECTURE GRA - Development of an Advanced Software Tool for Aircraft-level Investigation of the Impact of new Architectures for Avionics and On-board General Systems for the Green Regional Aircraft

GRA3M - Green Regional Aircraft Avionics Architecture for Mission and Trajectory Management

LEBOX - Leading Edge Box Design for Swept Flow Control Wing

OPTLAM - Numerical Tool for Aerodynamic Optimization of Laminar Wings

FRARS - Future Regional Aircraft Requirements Study

PREPAR-H2 - Preparing socio and economic evaluations of future H2 lighthouse projects

NEXTHYLIGHTS - Supporting action to prepare large-scale hydrogen vehicle demonstration in Europe

Project Profiles:
  1. "Advanced Floor Grids for Green Regional A/C New Concept of Design, Manufacturing and Installation in Ground Full Scale Demo"
  2. "Design, implementation and validation of an automatic learning cure cycle optimisation process for the eco-efficient autoclave processing of composite materials"
  3. "Design, Manufacturing and Impact Testing of Advanced Composite Materials"
  5. 3D Design of Flap Side Edge Flow Control
  6. A Microfabricated Actuator for Active Flow Control on Aircraft
  7. A Supervised Power Regulation for Energy Management of Aeronautical Equipments
  8. Accelerated Life tests for Electric drives in Aircrafts
  9. Acoustic and thermal instrumentation, tests and modelling of engine surface coolers in representative aerodynamic conditions
  10. Acoustic Design Of High-lift Architectures
  11. Acoustic Liners for air conditioning system
  12. Active and Isolated Rectifier unit for more electric aircraft: Design and Manufacturing of a 10KW AC-DC Converter Unit (AIR)
  13. Active flow control application on trailing edge flap for high-lift configuration
  14. Active Flow Control Technique on Trailing Edge Shroud for Improved High Lift Configurations
  15. Active Gurney Flap
  16. Active GUrney on Main Rotor blades
  17. Active Pressure, Position and Temperature sensors for Turboshaft engines
  18. ACtuator COmponents made by alternative Metal Injection Moulding
  19. Adaptable power density coating for energy efficient heating of cockpit and cabin
  21. Adaptation of a generic wind tunnel model for attachment line transition measurements
  22. Adaption of WORHP to Avionics Constraints
  23. Advanced Avionic Applications Simulation Platform
  24. Advanced avionics equipment simulation
  25. Advanced Composite Integrated Skin Panelstructural testing
  26. Advanced concepts for trailing edge morphing wings - Design and manufacturing of test rig and test samples - Test execution
  27. Advanced dEsign and testing of a polArimetric X-banD antenna for avionic weather radar
  28. Advanced electrical machine manufacturing process implementation and tuning based on composite material process technologies
  29. Advanced environmentally friendly chemical surface treatments for cast magnesium helicopter transmission alloys preservation
  30. Advanced Flight control system – Design Development and Manufacturing of an Electro Mechanical Actuator with associated Electronic Control Unit and Dedicated test Bench
  31. Advanced FOrging of an Optimized Turbine casing
  32. Advanced fuselage and wing structure based on innovative Al-Li alloys
  33. Advanced heating system and control mode for homogeneous high temperature curing of large composite repairs
  34. Advanced Low Noise Landing (Main and Nose) Gear For Regional Aircraft
  35. Advanced materials for lean burn combustion tiles using laser-Additive Layer Manufacturing (L-ALM)
  36. Advanced Measurement Techniques in a Low Speed CROR Wind Tunnel Test
  37. Advanced Methods for the Prediction of Lean-burn Combustor Unsteady Phenomena
  38. Advanced Preformmanufacturing for industrial LCM-Processes
  39. Advanced Pylon Noise Reduction Design and Characterization through flight worthy PIV
  40. Advanced Simulation of Aircraft Mechanisms
  41. Advanced turbofan engine gaseous emissions model
  42. Advanced Turbofan-Equipped Aircraft Noise Model
  43. Advanced Wing And High-Lift Design
  44. Aeroacoustic and aerodynamic wind tunnel tests at low speed for a turbofan model equipped with TPS
  45. AERODESIGN - Preliminary Design Methodologies
  46. Aerodynamic Design Optimisation of a Helicopter Fuselage including a Rotating Rotor Head
  47. Aerodynamic Testing of Helicopter Novel Air Intakes
  48. Aeronautical Magnetic Gear Box
  51. Aircraft lightning thtRreat Reduction thrOugh Wiring optimization
  52. Aircraft Metal Recycling
  53. Airline TriAls of Environmental Green flIght maNAgement functions
  54. An open simulation environment for self-diagnosis and prognosis in composite aero-structures
  55. Analyzing Durability Of iNsulating materIalS
  56. Anotec Real-time MOdel for Noise Exposure of Aircraft
  57. ANotec-COmoti Rotorcraft Acoustics initiative for preliminary acoustic flight tests for the tuning of simplified rotorcraft noise models
  58. Application of a new “green” sol-gel product using an original, versatile, accurate and in-line mixing device that improves the adhesion of paint on aeronautical sector products
  60. Assessment of LOw NOise COnfigurations
  61. Assessment of the interaction of a passive and an active load alleviation scheme
  62. Assessment of tiltrotor fuselage drag reduction by wind tunnel tests and CFD
  63. Automated Chemical Stitching and Preforming
  64. Automated Geometrical Measurment and Visual Inspection for Blisks
  65. Automated Riblets Application on Aircraft Parts
  66. Automatic FLIght Plan management tool
  67. Automotive Fuel Cell Stack Cluster Initiative for Europe
  68. Automotive Fuel Cell Stack Cluster Initiative for Europe II
  69. Automotive pemfc Range extender with high TEMperature Improved meas and Stacks
  70. Autonomous Camera System validation and its installation on an in-service Aircraft for Leading Edge Photography
  71. Avionic X-band Weather signal modeling and processing vALidation through real Data acquisition and analysis
  72. Bamboo Innovative Fiber for Technical Textile and Environment Conservation
  73. Bamboo Reinforced bIocomposite with High mecHanical properTies
  74. Basic Wind Tunnel Investigation to Explore the Use of Active Flow Control Technology for Aerodynamic Load Control
  75. Battery Modular System Integrated with Conversion
  77. Bicarbonate media blasting for paint-varnish removal and dry surface treatment
  78. BLADE Wing Measurement Campaign
  79. Borate Free Cleaners for Aluminum Alloys
  80. Breakthrough Laminar Aircraft Model wind tunnel testing in Europe
  81. Buffet Control of Transonic Wings
  82. Business Aviation for Sustainable Economy
  83. Ceramic Optical Temperature Sensor for Turbine Engine Measurements
  84. Certified Code Generation of Model-Based Modelica Controllers
  85. Characterization of Structural Behaviour for High Frequency Phenomena
  86. Chromate free and energy efficient sealing of TSA anodic films for corrosion protection
  87. Chromium free surface pre-treatments and sealing of Tartaric Sulphuric Anodizing
  88. Cities speeding up the integration of hydrogen buses in public fleets
  89. Clean Hydrogen in European Cities
  90. CLEaner OPerations Attained Through Radars' Advance
  91. COatings for BipolaR plAtes
  92. Coatings for Composite Aero-engine structures
  93. Collaborative Meteorological Concept Validation (COMET)
  94. COMPArative evaluation of NDT techniques for high-quality bonded composite REpairs
  95. Composite Pipes and Fittings for Aero-Engines Dressing
  96. Composite Stiffened Panels Infusion
  97. Composites under Fatigue: Temperature and Humidity Related Environmental Ageing Damage
  98. Computational Aero-acoustic Analysis of Low-noise Airframe Devices with the Aid of Stochastic Method
  99. Concept for Automated Riblet Application (Robot-Concept)
  100. Concept Study of a Cleaning Device for Wing Leading Edges
  101. Concept, design and prototyping of compact sensor nodes using electromechanical impedance and broad band acousto-ultrasonic method for structural health monitoring
  102. Construction and Assembly of a Prototype Surface Pre-treatment Tool for In-filed use
  104. Contra-Rotating Open Rotor (CROR) Propeller barrels
  105. Contribution of Airlines for the Reduction of Industry Nuisances and Gases
  106. Contribution to Analysis of Rotor Hub Drag Reduction
  107. Contribution to design optimization of tiltrotor components for drag reduction
  108. Contribution to optimisation of heavy helicopter engine installation design
  109. Control and Alleviation of Loads in Advanced Regional Turbo Fan Configurations
  110. Corrosion protection of Aluminium unpainted parts: development of an appropriated Cr free sealing process on thin SAA layer (≤5 µm)
  111. COrrosion PROtective Coating on Light Alloys by Micro-arc oxidation
  112. COst & PERformaNces Improvement for Cgh2 composite tanks
  113. Cost Effective Superalloy for Advanced Modern Engine
  115. Curved Applications for Rotorcraft Environmental Enhancement
  116. Definition of ATM Requirements for GRA Operations and Simulations
  117. Demonstration of 1st European SOFC Truck APU
  118. Demonstration of a Decontamination Device Protoype for Business Jets and Experimental Validation
  119. Demonstration of a large, high temperature, flexible printed circuit board
  120. Demonstration of Small 4-Wheel fuel cell passenger vehicle Applications in Regional and Municipal transport
  121. Design & Manufacture of a ground based structural/systems demonstrator (Phase 2)
  122. Design and development of an Adaptive, Smart and Eco-efficient Test Bench for synchronized testing of linear actuators in the aeronautic sector
  123. Design and Implementation of a Load Simulator Rig and Ground Test Bench Adaptation Kit for a HEMAS Test Rig
  124. Design and manufacture of a flight worthy intake system (scoop/NACA divergent intake) SCOOP AND NACA DIVERGENT INTAKE TRIAL (SANDIT)
  126. Design And Manufacture of Krueger Flaps
  127. Design and manufacturing of a business jet model for high and low speed tests
  128. DEsign and Manufacturing of a pitch-Oscillating System for gurney flap testing
  130. Design and Manufacturing of Baseline Low-Speed, Low-Sweep Wind Tunnel Model
  131. Design and manufacturing of smart composite panels for wing applications and development of structural health monitoring techniques
  133. Design of Experiments to OPTIMIZE design solutions for a Power reduction Gearbox
  134. Design of innovative CROR blade and pylon
  135. Design of sandwich structures for sensor integration, optimisation and manufacturing of sandwich core
  136. Design, development and manufacturing of an electro-mechanical actuator and test rig for AiRcrafts Main LandIng Gear acTuation systems
  138. Design, Manufacturing, Qualification and Assembly of an Improved NLF Wing Leading Edge and Upper Cover Flight Test Article
  139. Developement of CNT doped reinforced aircraft composite parts and a ssociated tooling, using the Liquid Resin Infusion method
  140. Development and Implementation of Conductive coating for Magnesium sheets in A/C
  141. Development and Implementation of Magnesium sheets in A/C
  142. Development and Manufacture of High Temperature Composite Aero Engine Parts
  143. Development and Manufacture Scoop Intake and Channel incl. ice and debris protection and acoustic absorbers
  144. Development and manufacturing of programmable electrical load and advanced PSM for electrical energy management testing in flight demo
  145. Development and provision of a numerical model to solve laminar-turbulent boundary-layer transition and boundary-layer velocity profiles for unsteady flow conditions
  146. Development and Test of Fluidic Actuators for Active Flow Control Applications
  147. Development and Testing of Computational Methods to Simulate Helicopter Rotors with Active Gurney Flap
  148. Development and validation of an integrated methodology in order to establish adapted production concepts for efficient turbofan engines
  149. Development of a Closed Loop Flow Control Algorithm for Wing Trailing Edge Flow Control Including Experimental Validation in Two Low Speed Wind Tunnel Tests
  150. Development of a composite sleeve for spatial separation of rotor and stator in an electric motor
  151. Development of a Ecological friendly final consolidation step using Thermoplastic Fibre Placement for a helicopter door
  152. Development of a low cost Advanced gamma Titanium Aluminide Casting Technology
  153. Development of a non chromated, Reach’s compliant anodic electropaint, with very low volatile organic compounds, for high protection against electrochemical corrosion of pickled aluminium alloys used
  154. Development of a rapid, multifunction, automated gap filler device
  155. Development of a readout circuit for a resonant accelerometer
  156. Development of a Selective Laser Melting (SLM) Simulation tool for Aero Engine applications
  157. Development of a Slat with Integrated Electrical Deicers for Icing Wind Tunnel Tests
  158. Development of advanced catalysts for PEMFC automotive applications
  159. Development of an advanced design and production process of High Temperature Ni-based Alloy Forgings
  160. Development of an Advanced Software Tool for Aircraft-level Investigation of the Impact of new Architectures for Avionics and On-board General Systems for the Green Regional Aircraft
  161. Development of an innovative bio-based resin for aeronautical applications
  162. Development of an optimized large scale engine CFRP annulus filler
  163. Development of Auxiliary Power Unit for Recreational yachts
  164. Development of Electric Smart Actuator for gas turbine engines
  165. Development of gamma-TiAl forgings in a low-cost near conventional hot-die process and process evaluation
  166. Development of Helicopter EXhaust Engine NOise Reduction technologies
  167. Development of high power density electrical actuators
  168. Development of High Temperature Survival Electronic Devices for Engine Control Systems
  169. Development of key technology components for high performance electric motors
  170. DEVELOPMENT OF KEY TEDevelopment of Key Technology Components for High Power-Density Power Converters for Rotorcraft Swashplate ActuatorsCHNOLOGY COMPONENTS FOR HIGH POWER-DENSITY POWER CONVERTERS FOR ROTORCRAFT SWASHPLATE ACTUATORS
  171. Development of light-weight steel castings for efficient aircraft engines
  172. Development of materials, processes, and means to enable the application of Piezoelectric materials in aero engine controls
  173. Development of nanofilled prepreg for aircraft composite structures
  174. Development of new antimicrobial nanostructured durable coatings for fuel tanks
  175. Development of Non-destructive Inspection Approaches for Automatic detection and MONitoring of Damage evolution
  176. Development of numerical models fo aircraft systems to be used within the JTI/GRA Shared Simulation Environment
  177. Development of physically based simulation chain for microstructure evolution and resulting mechanical properties focused on additive manufacturing processes
  178. Development of Reliable Emission and Atomization Models for Combustor Design
  179. Development of Synthetic Jet Actuator Hardware for the Green Regional Aircraft Low Noise Configuration
  180. Development of Thermoplastic Polymer blend with Low Melting Point and with Similar Properties than PEEK
  181. Development of welding technologies for light alloys aircraft structures
  182. Development, Construction and Integration of Bench Systems for Ground Thermal Tests
  183. Development, construction, integration, and progress toward to two-phase device monitoring and qualification on aircrafts
  184. Diesel engine matching the ideal light platform of the helicopter
  185. Diesel Powerpack for a Light Helicopter Demonstrator
  186. Direct filament wound rotor carbon resin sleeves by bulk curing and layer-by-layer Electron beam polymerisation
  187. Direct Manufacturing of stator vanes through electron beam melting
  188. Disassembly of eco-designed helicopter demonstrators
  189. Disconnect device for jam tolerant linear actuators
  190. Drivetrain Rolling Elements in Aeronautics, Design and Sizing for
  191. DTV : Dispatch Towing Vehicle, for ""Engines Stopped"" Aircraft Taxiing
  192. DYNAMO Design methods for durabilitY aNd operAbility of low eMissions cOmbustors
  193. ECO-design and manufacturing of thermoplastic structural fairings for helicopters
  194. Eco-efficient aluminium for Aircraft
  195. Efficient CFD Multi-physics programming research
  196. EFficient FAn
  197. Efficient Shape Optimization of Intake and Exhaust of a Tiltrotor Nacelle
  198. Efficient System for Flow Control Actuation
  199. Electric Motor And Sensor design and manufacture
  200. Electrical Harness and Wires Analysis and optimiZation
  201. Electrical Machine Magnetic Properties Characterisation Setup for Aerospace Application
  202. Electrical Power Control – More Electric Aircraft
  203. Electrical Simulation Criteria & Tool Performances
  204. Electrical Starter / Generator disconnect system
  205. Electrical Tail Drive - Modelling, Simulation and Rig Prototype Development
  207. Electro-thermal Laminar Wing Ice Protection System Demonstrator
  208. Electrohydraulic servovalve development, test and supply for Open Rotor Pitch Actuation System (Engine Demonstrator and Target Engine)
  209. Emission analysis. Tools required to perform the emission analysis and evaluation methodology
  210. Enhanced Design Requirements and Testing Procedures for Composite Cylinders intended for the Safe Storage of Hydrogen
  211. Enhanced material lifing model for rotating welded structures
  212. Environmental Data Models and Interface development in Aviation
  213. Environmentally Friendly, Efficient Electric Motion
  214. EPOCAL: an Electrical POwer Center for Aeronautical Loads
  215. European demonstration of hydrogen powered fuel cell materials handling vehicles
  216. European Hydrogen Transit Buses in Scotland
  217. Examination of Practical Aspects of Innovative Bonded Composite Repair Techniques
  218. Experimental Acoustic Subsonic wind tunnel Investigation of the advanced geared turbofan Regional aircraft integrating HLD innovative low-noise design
  219. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Turbulent Boundary Layer Effects on Noise Propagation in High Speed Conditions
  220. Experimental Subsonic Investigation of a Complete Aircraft Propulsion system Installation and Architecture power plant optimization
  221. Experimental TRansonic Investigations On Laminar flow and Load Alleviation
  222. EXTRApolation and technical and economic study of a LASER beam welding technology (extra-laser)
  223. Failure analysis and damage mechanisms of newly developed, gamma-prime strengthened Ni - based superalloy
  224. FAST impact cross-analysis methodology for Composite leading edge Structures
  225. FAST OPtimiser for continuous descent approaches
  226. Fatigue Test
  227. Fatigue testing of CFRP materials
  228. Feasibility study and prototypes manufacturing of oil tank in thermoplastic for Helicopter Engine
  229. Feasibility study of intelligent High Integrated Power Electronic Module (HIPEM) for Aeronautic Application
  230. FeCo based magnetic alloys with high strength and minimized iron losses, for new high speed aerospace generator
  231. Fibre Optic Sensors Application for Structural Health Monitoring
  232. Fibre Optic System for Deflection and Damage Detection
  233. Final Assembly Line Assembly Jigs and Fixtures for flight test demonstrator
  234. FIre resistant BIObased polyurethane foam for aircraft SEATing cushions
  235. Flexible Conductive Composite Repair Heaters
  237. Flight Operations for Novel COntinuous DEscent - cONCOrDE
  238. Flight-tests with multi-functional coatings
  239. FLite Instrumentation TEst WIreless SEnsor
  240. Flow sensor system for the separation detection at low speed in view of flight
  241. FOBG - Design and validation of FOBG for SHM application
  242. Formulation and characterization of new aluminium alloys produced by ingot metallurgy for high temperature applications (250ºC)
  243. Fuctional laminates development. Components compatibility and feasibility assessment. Industrialization
  244. Fuel Cell Based Power Generation
  245. Fuel Control System Sensors and Effectors
  246. Future Regional Aircraft Requirements Study
  247. Future Regional Aircraft Requirements Survey - Part 2
  248. Geared Turbofan Test Rig
  249. GNSS-based ATM for Rotorcraft to Decrease Emissions and Noise
  250. Greater Operating Temperature Alloy
  251. Green & Innovative Lubrication Devices
  252. Green Regional Aircraft Avionics Architecture for Mission and Trajectory Management
  253. Grooved paint surface manufacturing for aerodynamic drag reduction testing
  254. Ground Based Structural & Systems Demonstrator Phase 3 - Component and sub-system manufacture
  255. Ground Based Structural/Systems Demonstrators
  257. Gust Load Alleviation techniques assessment on wind tUnnel MOdel of advanced Regional aircraft
  258. Scandinavia
  259. Hardware & Software Development of Wireless Sensor Network Nodes for Measurement of Strain in Airborne Environment
  260. Hardware Development of Wireless Sensor Network Nodes for Operation in Airborne Environment
  262. Health On Line Monitoring for Electro-mechanical actuator Safety
  263. Helicopter Drag Prediction using Detached-Eddy Simulation
  264. Helicopter Electric Regenerative Rotor Brake
  265. High dense smart power capacitor
  266. High Efficiency Fuel Pumping
  267. High performance composites for demanding high Temperature applications
  268. High Performance Modular Architecture of Acquisition and Control command system dedicated to test Electrical systems for Aeronautics
  269. High Pressure Hydrogen All Electrochemical Decentralized RefUeling Station
  270. High rotational heat pipe experimental analysis and modelisation for turbomachine purpose
  271. High speed metallic material removal under acceptable surface integrity for rotating frame
  272. HiGh spEed TuRbinE cAsing produced by powDer HIP technologY
  273. High Strength Aluminium Alloy parts by Selective Laser Melting
  274. High Temperature Electronics
  275. High Temperature Energy Autonomous System
  276. High temperature Ni-based super alloy casting process advancement
  277. High Voltage amplifier for MEMS-based Active Flow Control (AFC) Actuators
  278. High Voltage Connector for PWM Application
  279. High Voltage Pulse Fragmentation Technology to recycle fibre-reinforced composites
  280. High-Fidelity and High-Performance Laminar Wing Optimization
  281. Highly integrated ultra-low-noise Gyrometer solution for Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft
  282. Highly-accurate/reliable WT test demonstration of low-noise innovative MLG configuration
  283. Higly Innovative Isothermal Forging of Gamma TIAL Alloy for LPT blades
  284. HiLamBiz
  285. Hot sheet metal forming of aerospace materials - Virtual manufacturing and enhanced quality
  286. Humidity Optimisation Tool
  287. HyAC – high measurement accuracy of hydrogen refueling
  288. Hybrid Adaptive Robust Optimization Strategy for EWIS High Dimensional systems
  289. Hybrid laminates. Industrialization for aircraft nose fuselage
  290. Hybrid WIPS Design code
  291. HYdrogen cells for AiRborne Usage
  292. Hydrogen Contaminant Risk Assessment
  293. Hydrogen For Innovative Vehicles
  294. Hydrogen fuel Quality requirements for transportation and other energy applications
  295. Hydrogen Transport in European Cities
  296. HyLIFT-EUROPE - Large scale demonstration of fuel cell powered material handling vehicles
  297. Hyper Performance Motor, Air-Cooled
  298. I-PRIMES: an Intelligent Power Regulation using Innovative Modules for Energy Supervision
  299. Ice Phobic Coating Associated to Low Power Electromechanical Deicers
  300. Icephobic Coatings - Development of test methods
  301. Identification of a fluid for two phase capillary pumped cooling systems
  302. Impact Shield A
  303. IMPact SHIELD Design B
  304. IMPact SHIELD design C
  305. Impact test campaign
  306. Implementation carbon fibres for rotor of high speed rotating electric machine
  307. Implementation of the Liquid infusion in the Manufacturing of Aerospace Structures
  308. IMprove PEMFC with Advanced water management and gas diffusion Layers for Automotive application
  309. Improved Lifetime of Automotive Application Fuel Cells with ultra low Pt-loading
  310. Improved reliability and integration of FBG systems for in flight applications
  311. Improvement of numerical models for JTI/GRA Shared Simulation Environment
  312. in flight Trajectory optimizAtion through advanCed simulation TechnICs
  313. In-field CFRP surfaces Contamination Assessment by aRtificial Olfaction tool
  314. In-Flight Local Surface Deformation Measurement by Means of Reflectometry and Shadow Casting
  315. In-Flight Monitoring of Wing Surface with Quasi tangential Reflectometry and Shadow Casting
  316. Induction based Curing Tool for Optimized heating of composite Repairs
  317. Induction Heating and Health Monitoring Solutions for Smart Aircraft Maintenance using Adapted Composite Patches
  319. Industrialisation of Out-of-Autoclave Manufacturing for Integrated Aerostructures
  320. Industrialization setup of Thermoplastics in situ consolidation process
  321. Innovative aircraft ice protection system – sensing and modelling
  322. Innovative autoMotive MEa Development – implementation of Iphe-genie Achievements Targeted at Excellence
  324. Innovative management of energy recovery for reduction of electrical power consumption on fuel consumption
  325. Integrated Approach to Manage Glass Fiber Aircraft Insulation Waste
  326. Integrated Design for Efficient Advanced Liquefaction of Hydrogen
  327. Integrated hydrogen power packs for portable and other autonomous applications
  328. Integrated Models of Airlines for a Green Impact on the New Economy
  329. Integrating Forging and Process Simulation for turbine disks
  330. Integration of a HOt STrEam Liner into the Turbine Exit Casing (TEC)
  332. Internet of Energy for Electric Mobility
  333. Investigation of Bird Strike criteria for Natural Laminar Flow wings
  334. Investigations of liquid resin impregnation and out-of-autoclave curing of composites for the high temperature aerospace applications
  335. Jigs and Fixtures for Assembly of the Laminar Wing at the BLADE flight test demonstrator Final Assembly Line
  336. Knowledge-based EFB for green flight trajectory decision aid
  337. Landing Gear Noise Attenuation
  338. Large 3-shaft Demonstrator - Aeroengine intake acoustic liner technology development
  339. Large scale demonstration of substitution of battery electric forklifts by hydrogen fuel cell forklifts in logistics warehouses
  340. Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for identification of Aerospace Composites
  341. Laser welding of newly developed Al-Li alloy
  342. LE coupon based technology
  343. Leading Edge Actuation Topology Design and Demonstration
  344. Leading Edge Box Design for Swept Flow Control Wing
  345. Lean Burn Control System Verification Rig
  346. Life Cycle Assessment database improvement
  347. Light Scattering on Micro Structured Surface Coatings
  349. Lightweight, Energy-Efficient Tooling for the Manufacturing of Rotor Blades
  350. LORD Engine Mounting System for the SAGE2 Open-Rotor demonstrator
  351. Low cost design approach through simulations and manufacture of new mould concepts for very high tolerance composite components
  352. Low speed aeroacoustic test of an open rotor powered complete model
  353. Low speed aeroacoustic test of large aircraft model with open rotor engines
  354. Low speed aerodynamic test of large CROR aircraft model in a closed test section
  355. LOw Subsonic Investigation of a large complete Turboprop Aircraft
  356. Magnetic Sensors with No Remanence for Aircraft Application
  357. Magnetostrictive sensor applications for self-sensing of composite structures
  358. Manoeuvring Noise Evaluation Using Validated Rotor State Estimation Systems
  359. Manufacturing and optimization of a PEEK scroll by fusible core injection moulding
  360. manufacturing by SLM of TItanium FAN wheels. Comparison with a conventional manufacturing process
  361. Manufacturing of high temperature composite parts for air cooling unit (e.g. cyanate ester / carbon fibres) by filament winding
  363. MAS DE NADA: Modeling and Advanced Software Development for Electrical Networks in Aeronautical Domain Analysis
  364. Mechanical Testing and Analysis of innovative Prepreg Systems
  365. MEMS Gyro - Maturity assessment of performance and integration
  366. MEMS gyrometer for wing behaviour measurement
  367. MEMS-Accelerometer Miniaturisation of the analogue electronics in an Application Specific Circuit (ASIC)
  368. Methodologies and applications of emission measurements on rotorcraft
  369. Methodology Toolbox for Accelerated Fatigue Testing of FRP Materials: Micro-structural Failure Criterion for Multi-axial Fatigue of FRP Structures
  370. Micro Synthetic Jet Actuator Manufacturing
  371. Microstructure Based Material Mechanical Models for Superalloys
  372. Microtubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Power System developement and integration into a Mini-UAV
  373. Microwave assisted curing for carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composites
  374. Microwave Clearance Measurement System for Low Pressure Turbines
  375. Miniaturized Acquisition Unit for Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor Based In-flight Applications
  376. Mobility with Hydrogen for Postal Delivery
  377. Model Design and Manufacturing of the Turbofan Configuration for Low Speed Aerodynamic and Acoustic Testing
  378. Modelica Electrical System Simulation and Analysis
  379. Modelica library of detailed magnetic effects in rotating machinery
  380. Modelica library of thermodynamic and transport properties
  381. Modelica Model Library Development for Media, Magnetic Systems and Wavelets
  382. Modelica Standard Library for Thermodynamic and Transport Properties
  383. Modelling of Adaptive Wing Structures
  384. Modification of Resin
  385. Morphing Skin with a Tailored Non-conventional Laminate
  386. Multi-level Embedded Closed-Loop Control System for Fluidic Active Flow Control Actuation Applied in High-Lift and High-Speed Aircraft Operations
  387. Multi-Objective Robust Assessment of heLicopter Improvements
  388. Multi-source regenerative systems power conversion - REGENESYS
  389. Multilaser Additive Layer Manufacturing of Tiles
  390. Multilayer Piezocomposites for Active Twist Rotor Blade
  391. Multipurpose Aircraft Simulation Laboratory
  392. Nanoelectronics for Electric Vehicle Intelligent Failsafe Drive Train
  393. Nanostructured ThermoElectric Systems for Green Transport & Energy Efficient Applications
  394. Near-Wall Simulations and Measurements in Lean-Burn Engines
  396. Neural network computation for fast trajectory prediction
  397. New Method for Superior Integrated Hydrogen Generation System 2+
  398. New trends and Market Survey for the end of life of aircrafts. Eco design Guideline
  399. NLF Starboard Leading Edge & Top cover design & manufacturing Trials
  400. NLF Wing High Speed Performance Test
  401. Non-rigid geometry variation for fabricated aero structure
  402. Nose Fuselage/Cockpit Dynamic Characterization for Internal Noise Attenuation
  403. Novel aircraft de-icing concept based on smart coatings with electro-thermal system
  404. Novel catalyst materials for the cathode side of MEAs suitable for transportation applications
  405. novel CATAlyst structures employing Pt at Ultra Low and zero loadings for auTomotive MEAs
  406. Novel Coating Systems For Power Electronics In Aerospace Environments
  407. Novel Continuous Descent Simulation Test Support
  408. NTN-SNR Proposal for Propellers Blades Bearings Design and Manufacturing
  409. Numerical aero-acoustic assessment of installed Counter Rotating Open Rotor (CROR) power plant
  410. Numerical and EXperimental shock conTrol on laminar Wing
  411. Numerical Simulation and Design Optimization of a Lower Fuselage Structure with Advanced Integral Stiffening
  412. Numerical Tool for Aerodynamic Optimization of Laminar Wings
  413. Open rotor Engine WELDed parts inspection using MINiaturizable NonDestructive Techniques
  414. Open Rotor Engines Advanced Technologies for rotor blade pitch change mechanism
  415. Open Rotor Engines Advanced Technologies II
  416. Open rotor propellers Ice protection System
  417. Optical Fibre based self-monitoring Motor Drives
  418. Optimal High-Lift Turbine Blade Aero-Mechanical Design
  419. Optimal tooling system design for large composite parts
  420. OPTImised Model for Accurately measured in-flight Loads
  421. Optimization of air jet pump design for acoustic application
  422. Optimization of Sensor Placement Methodology for Structural Health Monitoring
  423. optimizinG Electrical Network In AirpLane composite structures
  424. Optimizing power density of aircraft inverter by optimized topology and PWM-pattern
  425. Organic-modification tailored to promote the correct interaction between the polymer and the filler
  426. Original design & manufacturing of a New Upstream Rotating Measurement System for gas turbine exhaust gases studies
  427. Outer Wing Metrology
  428. Panel Liquid Infusion Technology
  429. Parametric optimisation software package for trajectory shaping under constraints
  430. Partial Discharge Management In Compact Insulation Systems
  431. Partitioning and Modeling of SiP
  432. Passive cooling solution validation for aircraft application
  433. PEM with Innovative low cost Core for Automotive applicatioN
  434. Performance and qualification tests of lubrication system equipment
  435. Performance Evaluation of a highly robust Fluid Actuator for AFC
  436. Physical bottom Up Multiscale Modelling for Automotive PEMFC Innovative performance and Durability optimization
  437. Piezo Power Supply Module for Piezo Actuator Bench
  438. Power cable modelling for WIPS electromechanical chain
  439. Power Gear Box (PGB) advanced planet bearings development
  441. Prefabricated CFRP Parts
  442. Preparing socio and economic evaluations of future H2 lighthouse projects
  443. Process Oriented Electrical Control Units for Electrical Vehicles Developed on a Multi-system Real-time Embedded Platform
  444. Proposal for the Development of an Applicator for Microstructured Paint Coatings Resulting in Significant Drag Reduction of Treated Surfaces
  445. Providing Aerospace Structures a Sixth Sense
  446. PUMA
  447. PySimulator and Modelica Based Collaborative System Design Simulation Analysis Environment for Energy System Applications
  448. Qualification of insulation materials to engine oils
  449. Quantification of the degradation of microstructured coatings
  450. Radial basis functions at fluid Interface Boundaries to Envelope flow results for advanced Structural analysis
  451. RAMAN spectroscopy for identification of aerospace composites
  452. RealTime Monitoring Power Reduction Gearbox
  453. Recycling of Metallic Materials from Rotorcraft Transmissions
  454. Reduced Order Modeling & Optimization: (Constrained) Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (C)POD based surrogates for aircraft design
  455. Reliability assessment of key technologies for high temperature electrical machines
  456. Reliability Oriented Optimisation of Structural Replacement Strategies for Aircraft Structures
  457. Resin, Laminate and Industrial Nanoparticles Concept and Application. Industrialization
  458. Robust Silicon-Carbide Technology for Aerospace DC-DC Conversion
  459. Robustness of distributed micron-sized roughness-element for transition control
  460. Rolled-Only IN718 Ring-shaped Components
  462. Rotating nozzle
  463. Rotorcraft Drag Reduction
  464. Rotorcraft Electric Taxiing
  465. Saber Model Automatic tRanslation Tool, a software for Saber models conversion to multi-systems simulation platforms
  466. Safe Fieldbus dEvelopment for Power Electronic Module
  467. Safety Analysis Tools for Electrical Wired Interconnected Systems
  468. Sample power electronic module construction for testing, characterisation and manufacturability assessment
  469. Scouting High Performance Steels for Gears and Bearings
  470. Self-sensing Curved composite panel under Operational load: methodology Platform for prediction of damage Event
  471. Sensor for Convective and Radiative Heat Loss
  474. Simulation of weather phenomena
  475. SLD and Icing tests on an Ice Protected Scoop Intake and Channel
  476. SMA Cytec Multilayer Prepreg
  477. Smart Battery with Active Power Conversion
  478. Smart Electrical Power Distribution Centre
  479. Smart erosion shield for electro-mechanical de-icers
  480. Smart Methodologies and multilevel/multiscale Analysis of composite stiffened panel for Structural Health monitoring
  481. Smart programmable load and source
  482. Sofc Apu For Auxiliary Road-truck Installations
  483. SOG Power Electronics with Energy Recycling System
  484. Solar integrated pressurized high temperature electrolysis
  485. SONACA Contribution to an Electro-thermal Wing Ice Protection System
  486. STAble and low cost Manufactured bipolar plates for PEM Fuel Cells
  487. Strain Monitoring in Composite Stiffened Panels Using Sensors
  488. Structural design of a counter-rotating open rotor
  489. Structural designs and tests for integration of active flow control concepts on a trailing edge high lift device
  490. Study and manufacturing of a Wasted Heat Exchanger and a hot air Piston Engine Recuperation System
  491. Study on the Processing and the Performance of Cyanate Ester Composites Towards the Optimization for Harsh Service Environments
  492. Suite of integrated models for electrical aircraft drives
  493. Support of Icing Tests (Runback-Ice behaviour of surfaces) and Icing Mechanisms
  494. Supporting action to prepare large-scale hydrogen vehicle demonstration in Europe
  495. Surface mapping and control during atmospheric plasma treatments
  496. Sustainable Dismantling and Recycling of Metallic Aerostructures
  497. Sustainable Hydrogen Evaluation in Logistics
  498. Sustainable recycling of aircrafts composites
  499. Systematic, Material-oriented Approach using Rational design to develop break-Through Catalysts for commercial automotive PEMFC stacks
  500. technology development and fabrication of HIgh TEmperature high frequency CApacitors for power switch integration
  501. Technology development and fabrication of Integrated solid-state Power Switches
  502. Telemharsh - Telemetric System Acquisition in Harsh Environment
  503. Test bench for endurance test and reliability prediction of avionics power electronic modules
  504. Test of advanced lubrication equipment
  505. TEst of Tilt-Rotor Air intakes
  506. The Conversion of Recycled Carbon Fibre Yarn and Tape Into High Value Fabrics and Materials
  507. The Development and Construction of a Master Mould for Riblet Construction
  508. Theories and Numerical code for prediction of near and far field noise generated by new generation propellers and Open Rotor blades
  509. Thermal and electrical Mock-ups for Thermal Management of a Ground Integration Test Rig
  510. theRmal Energy reCoverY eleCtricaL systEms
  511. Thermal Exchange Modelling and Power Optimization
  512. Thermoelectric cooling using innovative multistage active control modules
  513. Thermoelectric generator for engine control system
  514. Thermosetting Resin for Clean Sky
  515. Tilt Rotor ATM Integrated Validation of Environmental Low Noise Procedures
  516. Transonic High Reynolds Number Testing of a Large Laminar Wing Half Model
  517. Turboprop and Propfan-Equipped Aircraft Noise Emission Model
  518. Validate Operations to Reduce Impact on Environment
  519. Validation of high load capacity gear material
  520. Validation of TSAA coating technology. Development of procedures and standards manual. Technical and economical study.
  521. Valve hIgh PERformances for flow control separation in aircraft
  522. VIbration Analysis methodology for FUel MAnifolds of lean burn engines
  523. Virtual Integration of Electrical Equipment and Rig Correlation
  525. Weather INformation Fusion and Correlation for weather and traffic situational awareness
  526. WEights and MAnufacturing Costs
  527. Welding Metallurgy and Cracking in Superalloys
  528. Wind Tunnel Model Design with Active Flow Control, for Low Speed Test
  529. Wind Tunnel Tests for the Evaluation of the Installation Effects of Noise Emissions of an Open Rotor Advanced Regional Aircraft
  530. WindTunnel Tests on an Innovative Regional A/C for Noise assessment
  531. Wing Box Technology Evaluation - Trade-Off Study for the Ranking of New Technologies Best Fitting Wing
  532. Wing Dynamics Acceleration Sensor
  534. Wireless Smart Distributed End System for Aircraft
  535. Wireless/Integrated Strain Monitoring and Simulation System
  536. Z-Coupled Full System for Attenuation of Vibrations
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